Cutthroat Kitchen : Season 4

    • Air date: 22 Jun '14 13 episodes
  • List of Episodes (13)

    1. I Can't Believe It's Not Udder

    • A cocky chef is thrown under the culinary bus when an old breakfast buffet replaces his gourmet basket. Then one chef scratches her head trying to cook an authentic Pasta Bolognese in an Italian espresso pot. Finally, someone loses their milk products in exchange for a cow while making tres leches cake.

    2. You Wanna Pizza This?

    • One chef gets their hands dirty when they dig up all of their ingredients from a wacky vegetable garden — that grows anything but vegetables. Then one chef gets punished for trying to "phone it in" during a pizza challenge.

    3. Anything but a Cake Walk

    • Steak is cooked over a romantic candlelit dinner; one chef is stuck with a giant whisk as their only tool; and another competitor is forced to make a cake while walking on cake boxes.

    4. Big Trouble in Little Chinese Chicken Salad

    • Cooking tools get swapped out for a set of golf clubs. Other sabotages involve Chinese chicken salad and donuts dunked in coffee.

    5. Welcome to the Jungle

    • A jungle torch is used to cook a dish; and an oversized fondue pot leads to a giant mess.

    6. I Like My Peppers Pulverized

    • It's tough to smoke out the competition when forced to use a cigar cutter to make a cubano. Then two chefs get up close and personal when stuffed like peppers into a very confined workspace. Finally one chef must make a tiramisu using coffee filters and stirrers as their only tools.

    7. Ho-Ley Pot

    • A chef is forced to cook soup using a single brew coffee machine. Later, chefs get hands-on when Alton asks for peace in the kitchen.

    8. The Eggs-Orcist

    • One chef must make a lobster roll using a roll submerged in a lobster tank, and someone is given a rather unusual chocolate platter for their chocolate cake.

    9. Two Chefs, One Toga

    • Alton hands off the Olympic cooking torch and one chef is forced to spice things up when they have their ginger replaced with sushi ginger.

    10. When In Rome, Cook On A Scooter

    • One chef does as the Italians do and cooks while riding a scooter. Next, one chef pays tribute to a 1950's housewife while making a casserole. Finally, one chef goes the distance as they navigate a red velvet maze that stands between them and victory.

    11. Superhero Sabotage

    • One chef enters a phone booth and attempts to transform into a super chef. Next, two chefs get cozy in Alton's living room circa 1974 and then one chef attempts to ride a bike in the kitchen.

    12. Chili'd to the Bone

    • Things get chilly when one chef must use freezer burnt ingredients to make a chili cheese dog. Then Alton's done it again with a pasta art masterpiece, but it turns out not everyone is art lover. Finally one chef feels like they're going around in circles when forced to use a spinning cook station.

    13. Tongue Thai-ed

    • One chef gets a helping hand from a Buddha. Then two chefs help each other out by shopping for each other. Finally, Alton becomes the target as one chef tries to shoot for the win.