Cutthroat Kitchen : Season 13

    • Air date: 01 Jun '16 12 episodes
  • List of Episodes (12)

    1. Time Warp Tournament: 1950s

    • Dishes: American Breakfast, TV Dinner, Milkshake and French Fries Judge: Simon Majumdar

    2. Time Warp Tournament: 1960s

    • Dishes: Party punch and snack, Chicken Kiev, Banana pudding Judge: Jet Tila

    3. Time Warp Tournament: 1970s

    • Dishes: Hamburger macaroni and cheese, Quiche, Crêpe Suzette Judge: Richard Blais

    4. Camp Cutthroat 2: Alton's Revenge: Heat Two, Big Foot Loose

    • In the second heat of Camp Cutthroat 2: Alton's Revenge, three chefs have to make hunter's stew while dressed as forest animals. Then, two chefs have to make their trail lunch while wearing a giant big foot and one chef has to balance on a log in the lake as they make a skillet cookie. (Episode: KTSP09H)

    5. Time Warp Tournament Grand Finale: 1990s

    • Dishes: Barbecue chicken pizza, Fried calamari, Cookie dough ice cream Judge: Marc Summers

    6. Gettin' Judgey with It

    • Dishes: Poached egg breakfast, Grain bowl, Brownie sundae Judge: Eric Greenspan

    7. You Dim Some, You Lose Some

    • Dishes: Bao, Penne alla vodka, Sugar cookies Judge: Sherry Yard

    8. The Upper Crustacean

    • Dishes: Lobster roll, Navy bean soup, Peanut butter cookies. Judge: Antonia Lofaso

    9. The Tong and Short of It

    • Dishes: Cobb salad, Moo shu, Baked Alaska Judge: Richard Blais

    10. He's Just a Po' Boy

    • Dishes: Catfish po' boy, Loco moco, Shoofly pie Judge: Anne Burrell

    11. Superhero Sabotage: The Age of Alton

    • Dishes: Hero sandwich, Gyro, Superfood dessert Judge: Antonia Lofaso

    12. Fry Hard

    • Dishes: Fish and chips, Fried chicken, Churro ice cream sandwich Judge: Jet Tila