• Air date: 21 Dec '23 4 episodes
      Crime Aaj Kal is a show focussed the shocking incidents of crime which involve the youth of India, either as perpetrators or as the victims. As all the true-life inspired cases are woven togther through a credible host, the show warns the viewers about the crimes happening in their very own neighourbood & how could they could they be safeguarded against them.
  • List of Episodes (4)
    • 1. The Vicious Circle

      21 Dec '23
      Prajakta Tiwari, a missing saleswoman, entangled in a mysterious love story with Vaibhav Prasad. Surveillance reveals Vaibhav's connection to Rashmi Kushwaha, whose tragic suicide sparks questions. Was it a love triangle, jealousy, or a sinister plot? Uncover the secrets in this gripping tale of passion and deceit.
    • 2. Dangerous Pursuits

      21 Dec '23
      In a tale of love, betrayal, and a mysterious murder, a past incident resurfaces. A web of secrets connects Nazneen, Anwar, and a businessman's demise. As the plot unfolds, motives blur, leaving questions about innocence and revenge. Uncover the truth in this gripping narrative.
    • 3. Murder Most Foul

      21 Dec '23
      In the Mumbai corporate office's sinister depths, techie Sneha, 26, meets a chilling end. Amidst workplace rivalries, the murder weapon's mysterious entry stirs intrigue. Raghav, Vinita, and Ashutosh emerge as suspects, each harboring secrets. The plot thickens with a love triangle, a one-sided obsession, and a shocking revelation about Sneha's friend, Maira. What was the motive?
    • 4. Suppressed Anger

      21 Dec '23
      Prakash Munjal, a transport company owner in Bhopal, and his wife Savita meet a grim fate. Daughters point fingers at cousins and a tech prodigy from Pune. Dark family secrets surface, but the true orchestrator remains concealed. Who's the puppet master behind this labyrinth of betrayals?