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      Air date: 29 Jan '21 5 episodes
      College Romance is a story of three BFFs: Karan, Trippy and Naira; who fall in love and their ridiculous romantic stories take off!!! Come join the flight and witness a lot of Yaar, Pyaar and Bakchodi.
      College Romance season 2 has 5 episodes. It is a comedy, romance web-series starring Manjot Singh, Apoorva Arora, Keshav Sadhna and Shreya Mehta. It is created by Simarpreet Singh. Season 2 for College Romance aired on 29 Jan '21 and available to watch online on streaming platform Netflix, Youtube and SonyLiv.
  • List of Episodes (5)
    • 1. Penguins

      29 Jan '21
      Trippy, Naira and Karan have met each other after a long break and we see that a lot has changed since then. Their love lives take a new turn as we see Trippy hanging out with a new girl after breaking up with Raveena while Naira breaks some big news to Bagga about the next step in their relationship and Karan confronts Deepika about how he still feels stuck into the same old patterns when he's with her.
    • As things seem to be dull in Naira's and Karan's relationship and Trippy gives himself another chance at moving on, they all plan to go to each other's partners only to make them realise that it's Valentine's Day and how they need to make it special for them. Things don't go as planned. On the contrary, they get worse.
    • 3. Growing up

      29 Jan '21
      Naira scares Bagga that she might have conceived as she's skipped her periods while Trippy is seen having a problem getting an erection lately and Karan, being surprised as ever, has not been able to get closure for what happened with Deepika. A lot of tension keeps popping up between them as they try to handle the situation by themselves when finally, a sex education forum is set up in the college where everyone gets their problems resolved with the help of a counselor.
    • Deepika and Bagga get to know that Trippy, Karan and Naira have a separate Whatsapp group for themselves. While the three of them try to justify by overcompensating for it, Deepika seems to sense something fishy. She somehow gets Bagga to read the chats and they end up finding something that makes them feel betrayed, leaving the group more divided than ever.
    • Trippy has violated the bro-code, Naira has violated Bagga's trust, while Deepika has broken Karan's heart all over again. It's Naira's farewell, and Karan gives them certain tasks to everyone to make up for what they've done. While doing so, they finally resolve their issues, personal and inter-personal, to come back better and stronger, while saying goodbye to Naira.