• Air date: 01 Feb '24 10 episodes
      Twenty years after they were frozen, Abe, Cleo, JFK, and Joan suddenly find themselves thrust into the modern world, where they must navigate a fresh batch of historical clones, dramatic love triangles, and a formidable new foe.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • While Scudworth develops a plan to convert Clone High into a religious school, JFK seeks absolution for his philandering lifestyle from the Prayer Pals. Plagued with guilt after her tryst with Toussaint, Harriet turns to Joan – and the Lord – for advice.
    • Tasked with creating a new batch of clones, Scudworth and Mr. B realize they may be past their gravedigging prime. Then, Joan leads the charge to stop an illicit cemetery rendezvous before Abe loses everything… except his virginity.
    • After Scudworth imposes mandatory Parent-Principal conferences on the student-body, Confucius enlists his feuding friends to fill in for his absentee foster parents. To win over Frida’s dad, Harriet helps give Cleo an epic make-under.