Charitraheen : Season 1

    • Air date: 29 Sep '18 11 episodes
  • List of Episodes (11)

    1. Sei Sob Seyalera

    • Kiran is a beautiful young woman, who is loyal to her husband Haran. However, a dark secret lies in their married life that’s unknown to the world outside.

    2. Perfume

    • Kiran is slowly becoming the dark object of fantasy for men – known and unknown to her. Is she being someone’s target?

    3. Facebook Friend

    • Satish searches for Sabitri, a masseur, but accidentally comes across Kiran. He remembers she is her Facebook friend, that she denies. Is she lying?

    4. Password

    • The untold secret that made Kiran an object to the world outside, gets revealed when she discovers a shocking truth about her own Facebook account.

    5. Laj Nai Laj Nai

    • Due to all the situations that were uncalled for, Kiran feels insulted and decides to play the dark game that her husband has been playing all this while.

    6. Perfume 2

    • Satish is desperately seeking for love and searches for it in many people. Will his search show him the true colours of few people instead?

    7. Goodbye Sohor

    • As time proceeds, the existing tension between Kiran and Haran increases. Is Kiran being revengeful or is she really cheating on him?

    8. Pain is Immoral

    • The barbaric game of lust doesn’t seem to end for Kiran, as she unknowingly starts getting into an endless loop of shocks and deceit.

    9. Noroker Khobor

    • Kiran starts feeling trapped due to the deceitful game that she is forced to be a part of. On the other hand, there’s a new man trying to enter her life.

    10. Noroker Khobor 2

    • While Kiran has finally found the love of her husband back, she isn’t aware of the outcome of the dark game that’s yet to happen.

    11. The Slut

    • As all the players gradually start showing their true colours, will they all receive their share of fortune?