Cartoon : Season 1

    • Air date: 01 Sep '17 7 episodes
  • List of Episodes (7)

    1. Stranger Things

    • The housewarming party of cartoonist Aritra and his girlfriend Jinia’s new flat ends up in a nightmare when Aritra notices strange activities all around.

    2. The Blank pages

    • The plot thickens when Aritra’s boss receives blank pages from him in the mail instead of finished cartoons, leaving Aritra clueless and shocked.

    3. The Disorder

    • Aritra feels he is suffering from a hallucinating disorder. As the strange occurrences continue, he becomes restless and even has a panic attack.

    4. When you were young

    • When Jinia convinces Aritra to visit the paranormal activist Rathikantababu to find out the strange happenings in their apartment, he suspects the presence of the spirit of a little girl.

    5. Dead of the night

    • Aritra visits their landlord with queries on his mind. Rathikantababu suggests Jinia to leave the place as early as possible. Meanwhile Aritra faces a threat at work.

    6. The Death

    • Situations worsen when Rathikantababu dies mysteriously in Aritra’s house. Aritra becomes the prime suspect.

    7. The Missing Link

    • Jinia tries to look for answers to the mysteries when she comes across a shocking revelation.