Kishore Jagan
buzzed about Thani Oruvan
one of the well-written script and dialogues in recent times of Tamil cinema. The Director worked on each and every frame which gives more details in the story and adds to the brilliance.

The casting of the antagonist, Aravind Swami is a big surprise because he was known as one among the romantic and charming faces of Tamil cinema.His role and characterisation is a real boost and can be also noted as for how an antagonist needs to be penned down.

Songs and background music is tailor-made for the film and the music director Hip hop Aadhi needed to be credited well for this.
Jeyam Ravi perfectly fitted in the story.

The movie speaks the various truth of current society right from the beginning which was delivered in every single dialogue. I am sure this movie will create a huge impact on the viewers that they might try to become clean hands and a responsible citizen in the future.
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