Shivam Sehgal
buzzed about Sarabhai vs Sarabhai
It is one of the best sitcoms I have ever seen in my life. It offers a unique combination of slapstick and subtle "sophisticated" humor.
The characters of this series are unique and are instantly likable. Only after 1 episode, you are able to form a bond with them and understand the situation from their perspective. The acting is top notch. I would specially like to praise the choice of cast. No one else would have done a better job in their respective roles.
Satish Shah is just so immensely comic. Ratna Pathak gives a splendid performance, perhaps the best of the lot. Roopali Ganguly is sweet, innocent and bubbly and Sumeet Raghavan is mature and rational. These are joined by Rajesh Kumar who I believe was the source of most of the humor in the series.
The characters are constantly shown to be one dimensional. All of life's situations are characterized differently by each of them because of their characteristics and this generates intense humor. There's always friction between some family members but the latent love that they have for each other always prevails.
The background score is just too good. The theme music when Maya starts to count the list of middle class things that Monisha does/like lifts the mood instantly. Even in crisis situations, the "list" of middle class things instantly makes you laugh and smile.
I believe the show deserves every hype it gets. Because it always kept a big smile on my face. Even if there was no humor, I never stopped smiling.
Recommended for everyone looking for light hearted but good comedy!!!
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