buzzed about Failure to Launch
The movie starts with Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) taking his date home. Where she dumps him after finding out Tripp lives with his parents. And taking his girlfriends home-plan becomes Tripp's saviour every time he feels relationships are getting too serious. On the other hand, Tripp's parents are tried of having him at home and so they decide to hire Paula ( Sarah Jessica Parker) who is a expert in making men move out of there homes. But upon meeting Tripp she realises he is very different from the rest of her cases. Tripp and Paula soon fall for each other, but both of them just refuse to accept it. Parents and friends come to the rescue in the end and it is a happy ending. All together #FailuretoLaunch is a exciting movie. it has tons of tiny gags that make it adorable and watchable. A typical rom com, perfect for a gloomy day.
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