• Air date: 27 Sep '19 10 episodes
      The adventures of six fish-tailed kids- Molly, Gil, Oona, Deema, Nonny, and Goby.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • 1. The New Guppy!

      27 Sep '19
      The Sea Witch steals the Guppies' magical jewels, so she can rule the Seven Seas! Will the Guppies get their jewels back, and stop her before it's too late?
    • 2. Secret Agent Nonny!

      14 Oct '19
      It's Secret Agent Nonny's birthday, and he's on a mission to deliver mysterious messages to all of his agent friends. Turns out, they're invitations to his own surprise birthday party!
    • 3. Kingdom of Clean!

      01 Nov '19
      Deema the evil ruler wants a medieval kingdom to stay dirty, with a giant ogre as her assistant. The rest of the guppies must stop them and get the kingdom clean again.
    • 4. The Good, the Sad, and the Grumpy!

      22 Nov '19
      When Mr. Grumpfish turns up in Happy Junction, he makes everyone in town really grumpy, including Sheriff Molly, who must find a way to help everyone handle their tricky emotions.
    • 5. Ocean Patrol

      03 Jan '20
      The Guppies must stop Windy Pete and first mate Oona when they sail around the world and blast tropical climates with snow.
    • 6. Rockin' Out

      17 Jan '20
      Goby and Gil go on a quest to get a geode at the top of a volcano. They try to make it back to the Rocky Valley Rock Show in time to enter the contest for best rock.
    • 7. Genie In A Bubble!

      14 Feb '20
      When Nonny, Gil and Zooli conjure a genie, she agrees to grant whoever brings her the most precious gift a wish.
    • 8. A Furry Tale

      15 Mar '20
      Hansel and Gretel have to get Bubble Puppy and Bubble Kitty home safe to the Furry Godmother, but they're being stalked by a witch.
    • 9. Super Baby!

      10 Apr '20
      When super villain Lady Goo Goo starts changing everyone into babies, it's up to Guppy Girl and Bubble Boy to stop her before they get turned into babies too!
    • 10. Dragons N' Roses!

      29 May '20
      When Agnes the Dragon moves to the Kingdom of Roses, everyone is afraid of her fearsome roar except for Zooli, who befriends Agnes and shows her friends how lovable Agnes really is.