Broken But Beautiful : Season 2

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  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. I Made You Up Inside My Head

    • Sameera is successfully moving on in her life. She even reconnects with her childhood friend, Ahan. But a random encounter brings her face to face with Veer again.

    2. Happily Ever After

    • Veer too has moved on and is in a happy relationship with Debbie. He now believes in love without moderation. Sameera makes up her mind to move in with Ahan.

    3. Puppy Love

    • Veer and Sameera have both moved on and reinvented themselves. But are they being true to themselves?

    4. The Penny Drops

    • Sameera and Veer are finding it hard to cope with each other’s changed personalities. Their assumptions and presumptions lead to a clash and unnerving confessions.

    5. Little Death

    • Veer and Sameera’s confessions take an unanticipated turn. While Veer is sure about speaking the truth, Sameera is in a dilemma.

    6. Loves Me, Loves Me Not

    • The dilemma in Veer and Sameera’s life is taking a toll on their relationships, and the duo decides to make life-altering decisions.

    7. Addicted to Love

    • Veer seeks a purpose to his life. Sameera too is happily engaged to be married to Ahan.

    8. Walk Away

    • Veer is shocked and unhappy with Sameera’s wedding. Sameera, on the other hand, finds his cold behaviour unsolicited.

    9. The Perfect Mistake

    • Sameera tries her best to stay focused on her life. Veer’s presence now makes her uncomfortable, and he promises to leave and never come back.

    10. Season Finale : Broken But Beautiful