Bordertown : Season 2

    • Air date: 07 Oct '18 10 episodes
      In season 2, no one will be able to escape their past. The five crimes of the season are called Five Finger Exercise, The Rite of Spring, Cat’s Cradle, Bloodmaid and Without a Shadow. Each of these murder cases takes the viewer on a journey into humanity’s dark secrets in the midst of a small town’s summer idyll on the shores of Lake Saimaa.
  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. Five Finger Exercise 1/2

    • Double homicide takes Kari Sorjonen to the other side of the border, where he finds that past isn't where he once left it.

    2. Five Finger Exercise 2/2

    • Sorjonen needs to learn more about Lena's past in order to catch a murderer who has nothing to lose.

    3. The Rite of Spring 1/2

    • A fetus preserved in formaline is found in head of day care center Susanna Lehto's home. Kari's investigations reveal hidden past regarding children.

    4. The Rite of Spring 2/2

    • After learning about Susanna Lehto's past, Sorjonen is the only one who doesn't think the case is solved.

    5. Cat’s Cradle 1/2

    • Sorjonen takes a leave of absence because of his wife. Young man is shot on broad daylight. Niko Uusitalo is chosen to lead the investigations.

    6. Cat’s Cradle 2/2

    • Rooftop killer's case comes near Sorjonen's family. Despite of his dire family situation, Kari promises to catch the killer fast.

    7. Bloodmaid 1/2

    • Old missing person case is re-opened after dead body is found in student housing. Sorjonen must solve one of the most complicated crime scene in VARE's history.

    8. Bloodmaid 2/2

    • Two dead bodies and neither of them is the missing woman. Sorjonen finds something that he's too afraid to tell to his colleagues.

    9. Without a Shadow 1/2

    • Sons of lawyer Laakkonen, Valdek and Nikolai, come to Sorjonen to find their missing mother and step daughter. Old case is re-opened after trace leads back to Russia.

    10. Without a Shadow 2/2

    • Both families, Sorjonen and Jaakkola, have to admit that the past isn't where they left it.