• Air date: 25 Jun '15 10 episodes
      Get ready for BOOM!, the new game show that fuses family entertainment with the thrill and intensity of a blockbuster action movie. Full of comedy, color, tension and excitement, BOOM! is a general knowledge quiz show that challenges teams of three players to defuse the game show’s ticking slime-bombs, by cutting the wires relating to the correct answers and leaving the wrong answers untouched. Get it right – and the players win big money. Get it wrong – and, after a tense countdown, the slime-bombs detonate, showering the players – and portions of the audience – with mystery goop that could be anything from guacamole to mashed potatoes, forcing the players out of the game.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • 1. It's the Maple Syrup Bomb!

      25 Jun '15
      This general knowledge quiz show challenges teams of three players to answer questions correctly or get showered in a slimy substance like guacamole or, in the series premiere, maple syrup.
    • 2. It's the Macaroni & Cheese Bomb!

      02 Jul '15
      Watch as teams either win big money or get showered with macaroni and cheese!
    • 3. It's the Wedding Cake Bomb!

      09 Jul '15
      Will this week's questions be a wedding cake-walk, or should these teams vow now to take a face full of frosting?
    • 4. It's the Creamed Spinach Bomb!

      16 Jul '15
      When these teams answer a question incorrectly, they find themselves trying to put a positive spin-ach on getting creamed.
    • 5. It's the Blueberry Slushy Bomb!

      23 Jul '15
      Losing contestants are treated to a blueberry slushy bomb.
    • 6. It's the Hot Fudge Bomb!

      30 Jul '15
      A bomb made of hot fudge awaits the teams who answer wrong or run out of time.
    • 7. It's the Turkey Gravy Bomb!

      13 Aug '15
      Losing contestants are treated to a turkey gravy bomb.
    • 8. It's the Sweet Potato Bomb!

      20 Aug '15
      Losing teams face the threat of being showered with sweet potatoes.
    • 9. It's the Guacamole Bomb!

      27 Aug '15
      The players try to defuse a ticking guacamole bomb.
    • 10. It's the Refried Beans Bomb!

      10 Sep '15
      Teams answer trivia questions in the hope of winning money and avoiding being soaked with a mystery substance.