• Air date: 01 May '97 7 episodes
      Bodyguards is a British television series that focuses on the cases of a specialized bodyguard unit called the Close Protection Group in service of the UK government. The lead cast members were Sean Pertwee as Ian Worrell and Louise Lombard as Liz Shaw. Sean Pertwee's Father, Jon Pertwee, also starred next to a character called Liz Shaw in one of the television shows he is best known for - Dr. Elizabeth Shaw was his first companion when he played the Third Doctor in Doctor Who. A pilot episode, featuring Josette Simon as a visiting dignitary, was broadcast in 1996. One series of six episodes followed, in 1997.
  • List of Episodes (7)
    • 1. A Choice of Evils

      01 May '97
      An attack upon a VIP makes Commander MacIntyre suggest a close-protection unit, and he is promptly asked to head it. Among the new recruits is Ian Worrell, a former pilot and police officer. The hard training almost breaks Ian, but he shows some talent, and at a big conference, his first duty shift takes place. But when the conference starts, experienced bodyguard Liz Shaw discovers a plot to kill her protectee. When Ian tries to help, things become really complicated.
    • 2. Out of the Mouths of Babes

      08 May '97
      New bodyguard Ian is paired with professional Liz again, as the anniversary of war veterans comes up. Soon after, Ian's wife and daughter are taken hostages, and Ian is blackmailed to allow the killing of one of the veterans to take place. But when Liz finds out about the situation, her duty seems clear.
    • 3. Know Thine Enemy

      15 May '97
      A young boy witnesses the killing of a priest, and is therefore placed under protection by Liz and Ian. But threats against the family, including the kidnapping of the boy's little brother, forces Liz and Ian to take the boy to a safe house. However, security is breached, and the killers attacks the safe house.
    • 4. Target

      22 May '97
      During the visit of a high profile US citizen, Liz finds her competence questioned by the American bodyguards, and the whole unit becomes under scrutiny when security in the garage is compromised. But they have larger problems - a protester who has been making threats against the VIP, and someone else, with diplomatic contacts.
    • 5. Stand Off

      29 May '97
      A British businessman is on the hitlist of some European hitmen, and Liz and Ian are assigned to protect him while he's in the UK. But when Liz and Ian leave the safe house for the night watch, the house is attacked, and only a coincidence prevented the businessman from being killed. It seems that whoever was behind the attack, had information from the inside.
    • 6. The Killing Ground

      05 Jun '97
      Commander MacIntyre isn't particularly pleased when his old mentor, who defected to Russia several years ago, wants to come back to the UK to visit his daughter's grave. But his duty is clear. The problem is that the bodyguard unit soon finds evidence of a mole somewhere inside her Majesty's secret service, someone who desperately wants the defector dead.
    • 7. The Killing Ground

      05 Jun '97
      Liz and Ian are assigned to protect a Salman Rushdie-like writer who is hated by fundamentalist Muslems. But the first attack comes before they have even got to the safe place in the highlands, still in their car, on top of a bridge. They jump from the bridge and flee into the woods, but the writer is badly hurt in the fall, and the fundamentalists are not far behind them.