• Air date: 07 Sep '01 3 episodes
      In a world where demons lurk behind every shadow, ready to ravage any woman who crosses their path, murder and bloodshed are a way of life. A team of feisty female fighters known as the Crimson Lotus is humanity's last hope for survival. When tragedy strikes and one of their members is slaughtered, it's time for the Crimson Lotus to destroy the demons at their source, and bathe the underworld in the blood of vengeance!
  • List of Episodes (3)
    • 1. The Demons

      07 Sep '01
      A huge ogre appeared! What appeared before the fiery fire towards the investigation, was a beautiful "little demon". However, the small demon was full of wounds and had undergone reconstructive surgery. Suddenly, it became enormous and attacked.
    • 2. Darkness

      28 Dec '01
      Follow Rekka and his 5 sisters of the Chrimson Lotus on their quest to solve the mystery of women getting abducted by monsters. Haruka gets kidnapped, and so Rekka must come to her aid.
    • 3. Laughter

      29 Mar '02
      Rekka and the Crimson Lotus takes on the last fight with Lord Yasha to rid the world of the demon plague.