Avengers: Endgame Fan Theories

By Shikhar Srivastava | 1.1k |

Fans have been in much speculation since the decimation of superheroes in Avengers: Endgame . They have been eager to know what happens next. And after the release of the trailer of Avengers: Endgame , it has fueled their hype and speculation. But, the movie has also become prone to fans theories, rumors and leaks. So, here we are going to talk of some fan theories, that might seem to be more than a theory.

MCU phase 4 starts off in a new reality

Ever since the 50% population got dusted off in Infinity War, there have been many rumors about them in the air. But this theory might seem very gripping. It says that all those who got dusted got transported off to a new universe, a new reality. Those who survived the snap remain on Earth or let me call it Earth-1. The remaining are now on Earth-2. It was also earlier confirmed by Marvel that Alternate reality exists in the MCU. So, this might seem to be convincing.
We have a bunch of movies waiting in phase 4

Time Jump and Time Travel will be involved

This theory has been by far the most convincing one. It says that the original avengers will go back in time to grab the infinity stones and resurrect those who were dead. It is also supported by the proof that set pieces of the Battle of New York from the The Avengers , Body double of Loki from the The Avengers , Tony Stark in a Shield costume, all these were seen on the sets of the fourth installment of Avengers.

Quantum Realm plays a big role.

Like I talked about the theory which says that Time Travel will be involved, a new theory says that it would be possible all because of the Quantum Realm. It says that the heroes will travel back in time with the help of a device made by Ant-Man, which allows them to travel through the quantum realm, to the Battle of The Avengers(2012).
We saw a glimpse of quantum realm in Ant-Man(2015).

Doctor Strange showed off his real sorcery

In Infinity War, we saw Doctor Strange giving a tough fight to Thanos, with some very chilling moments, and later handing over the time stone to Thanos in exchange of Tony's life. A theory says that it was all a part of Doctor Strange's masterplan. He did all this because he was waiting for the right moment to hand over the stone. He gave the stone so that the snap occurs at the perfect moment, and Ant-man gets trapped in the Quantum Realm at the right moment, with the Pyms dusting off, which we saw in Ant-Man and the Wasp .
It'll be interesting to see if his plan really works.

Captain Marvel is imprisoned in Japan.

The thoery says that Captain Marvel is trapped in Japan, in a secret hostile facility by the skrulls. The skrulls are yet to appear in mainstream movies, but they are quite popular among the comic book fans. It further says that Hawkeye will appear in his alternate form, aka Ronin, and will go to save him. The sets from Japan support this theory.
Hawkeye was last seen in Captain America:Civil War.

Captain Marvel saves Tony stark in space.

Since the release of the trailer of Avengers: Endgame , fans have been hard on thinking as to how Tony will reach earth. This latest theory says that Captain Marvel will save Tony Stark. Captain Marvel's solo is yet to be released, and she was last teased in the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War . Her appearance is yet to happen in the MCU, and we'll have to wait until March for the same.
Brie Larson plays the titular character in Captain Marvel.
I haven't mentioned any of the leaks, because they haven't been confirmed by Marvel yet. Plus, I do not support any sort of theory. So if I have missed any other important leak, do comment for the same. Plus, if you liked this article, make sure to give an upvote. Thanks.