Bitten : Season 3

    • Air date: 12 Feb '16 10 episodes
  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. Family, Of Sorts

    • In order to solidify his power, a war hardened Jeremy has tasked Elena, Clay and Nick with recruiting all North American Mutts into the Pack. Meanwhile, Elena is accosted by mysterious new characters who challenge her with a surprising claim.

    2. Our Own Blood

    • Elena struggles to deal with a new discovery about her past. Clay readies Stonehaven for a possible attack from the Spanish by calling in new Pack members. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Nick find a clue at the Spanish hideout that ultimately leads to them rushing back to Stonehaven.

    3. Right Behind You

    • Elena struggles to convince Jeremy to protect her blood family against the Russia Alpha; Nick uncovers Roman's plans.

    4. A Quiet Dog

    • Jeremy attempts to broker a negotiation to end the thirty-year blood feud between Sasha and Roman. Meanwhile, Elena watches over Pack prisoner, Konstantin, who tries to deduce why she is protecting Sasha.

    5. Of Sonders Weight

    • Jeremy deals with fallout from the failed negotiations between Sasha and Roman; Elena attends to an injured Sasha; Clay and Alexei track down the victim of a young wolf's attack.

    6. Rule of Anger

    • Elena and Clay take on a deadly new foe to save Marsten; Paige and Nick try to find the cause of Rocco's magical outbreaks; Katia tries to save her family.

    7. On the Brink

    • Nick, Paige and Rachel track Katia with magic; Elena invites Konstantin to Stonehaven and asks for his help; Clay and Jorge keep an eye on the Albino.

    8. Tili Tili Bom

    • As the Alpha, Elena sets out with Clay to take down the Albino; Nick and Katia are captured by Roman's henchmen; Jeremy gets help from a surprising ally in his quest to kill Roman.

    9. Shock the System

    • When Elena tries to comfort a grieving Sasha, they get lured into the woods and are taken prisoner by the Albino; Jeremy wages psychological warfare against his captor; Clay, Nick and Alexei race to save a new Alpha.

    10. Truth, Changes, Everything

    • Elena comes up with a dangerous plan to take back Stonehaven, save the Pack, and change everything forever.