Bin Bulaye Mehman : Season 3

    • Air date: 16 May '19 2 episodes
  • List of Episodes (2)

    1. Episode 1

    • #BinBulayeMehmaan.Univited guests are typically the ones who land at your place without you wanting them there. However in season 3 of Bin Bulaye Mehman, we are giving this a twist. This time around, the guests who are arriving, Abhimanyu & Meera are actually ones who are forcefully being invited by the hosts, Sunny and Jahnvi!

    2. Episode 2

    • #BinBulayeMehmaan.Sunny and Jahnvi have had a fight which has got blown a bit out of proportion, and Abhimanyu and Meera find themselves in the midst of it. What will they do in such a situation? The forced uninvited guests, now have to come up with a solid excuse to not be spectators or intruders in a husband wife tiff! Watch the fun continue in episode 2 of Bin Bulaye Mehmaan, where the trouble maker is not just the fight, but a broken tap!