Bin Bulaye Mehman : Season 3

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      Air date: 16 May '19 6 episodes
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    1. Episode 1

    • #BinBulayeMehmaan.Univited guests are typically the ones who land at your place without you wanting them there. However in season 3 of Bin Bulaye Mehman, we are giving this a twist. This time around, the guests who are arriving, Abhimanyu & Meera are actually ones who are forcefully being invited by the hosts, Sunny and Jahnvi!

    2. Episode 2

    • #BinBulayeMehmaan.Sunny and Jahnvi have had a fight which has got blown a bit out of proportion, and Abhimanyu and Meera find themselves in the midst of it. What will they do in such a situation? The forced uninvited guests, now have to come up with a solid excuse to not be spectators or intruders in a husband wife tiff! Watch the fun continue in episode 2 of Bin Bulaye Mehmaan, where the trouble maker is not just the fight, but a broken tap!

    3. Episode 3

    • #BinBulayeMehmaan.After all the fun that happened in episode 2 of Bin Bulaye Mehmaan, we have the stage set for the ultimate fight between Sunny and Jahnvi. Abhimanyu and Meera try a unique trick to make them resolve the fight. It’s Abhimanyu’s master stroke that he teaches to Jahnvi. But does that help them resolve the fight? Well maybe it does, but not without consequences. Watch Abhimanyu and Meera have their own “big fight” and watch whether Abhimanyu is able to resolve it this time,

    4. Episode 4

    • #BinBulayeMehmaan.Has your wife ever gotten really upset with you? Well, Abhimanyu, as you know, never lets it go to that point with Meera. But now that Meera is upset knowing he plays “games” with her, watch how he placates her, or not! Watch what happens in this never happened before twist in Meera and Abhimanyu’s life, while Sunny and Jahnvi are a team like a house on fire!

    5. Episode 5

    • #BinBulayeMehmaan.Wife’s sister my sister, wife’s brother-in-law my brother-in-law. But this does not apply to Sunny, who is so not looking forward to Jahnvi’s sister and her BIL coming over for dinner. Why though? According to Sunny that is something that needs to witnessed rather than explained. So let’s meet Shikhar, the man who pioneered in Furn-Tech!

    6. Episode 6

    • #BinBulayeMehmaan.As it turns out, Jahnvi is pregnant and Sunny has no idea. On Sunny’s part, he lied to Jahnvi about registering for the auto expo that Jahnvi felt so passionately about. Who is right and who is wrong is a question every husband wife relationship faces every now and then in their marriage. But this time, Sunny and Jahnvi find it really hard to move past this web of lies. Will Abhimanyu an Meera be able to help this time? Will Sunny and Jahnvi be able to sort it out at all?