Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures : Season 1

    • Air date: 15 Sep '90 13 episodes
  • List of Episodes (13)

    1. One Sweet & Sour Chinese Adventure - To Go

    • Bill & Ted are rehearsing in Bill's garage when their loud music knocks Missy's "brand-new antique" Chinese vase off its shelf. Desperate to replace the broken vase before Missy gets home, the dudes travel back to Ancient China in search of an authentic substitute. Once in China they are arrested for causing a mess in a vase store (called 1000 Vases of Dr. Lao - a joke relating to the cult movie classic The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao) and are sentenced to building the Great Wall of China (a couple of

    2. The Birth Of Rock 'N Roll Or Too Hip For The Womb

    • Bill and Ted are in danger of flunking their Music Appreciation class most heinously (they identify the William Tell Overture as the theme song to The Lone Ranger) unless they write an essay on classical music by the next morning. They head to the San Dimas Mall to do some research but aren't able to relate since none of the old time dudes played electric guitar. Rufus shows up, unable to assist them, but with clearance to say three words, "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart". The dudes travel back to S

    3. A Most Excellent Roman Holiday

    • Bill and Ted are called to Vice Principal Ryan's office for a meeting with their parents after they sign up for spring term classes . . . choosing only Study Hall and Girls P.E. There they learn they are to take a series of most egregiously tough classes, including Latin! They are horrified to learn that the Latin class is made up entirely of dweebs, and that their first assignment is to decipher the Latin on a rare ancient Roman coin minted for only one day in the realm of Julius Caesar. Con

    4. Model 'T' For Ted

    • After Detective Logan manages to survive Ted's 41st (and last) driving lesson in his dad's most macho squad car, Bill expects Ted to drive them down to the record store to pick up the new Iron Maiden CD. Borrowing Detective Logan's Classic 1973 Plymouth Duster named "Blue Betty", and with Rufus along as their licensed driver (he shows up to take their phone booth in for its 20,000 Year Checkup) they end up stalled in the middle of an intersection and blocking traffic. Leaving Rufus to try to f

    5. The More Heinous They Are, The Harder They Fall

    • Ted is practicing guitar in his room when a most odious aroma assails his noseholes. He finds his little brother, Deacon, in the backyard turning on the water hose to wash himself off. Deacon relates how Killer Gabron, a bully at school, threw him into a garbage can. Ted decides to try helping Deacon deal with his bully problem. He finds Bill playing video games at the Kozy Korner and as they ponder the situation Rufus appears briefly (in the video game) to tell them they need to figure out

    6. Birds Of A Feather Stick To The Roof Of Your Mouth

    • Bill & Ted agree to housesit for Bill's neighbor, an eccentric explorer and bird expert named Mr. Stickler. They are instructed to make sure Mr. Stickler's cat, Max, stays out of the house to protect Prince Rupurt the III, his prized African buff-headed wood hoopoe. Unfortunately, no sooner does Mr. Stickler leave than the dudes find out they accidentally left the door open and Max has already made a snack of the rare bird. Realizing they need to find a replacement bird, they look up "bird" i

    7. A Black Night In San Dimas

    • Bill & Ted are rehearsing for Wyld Stallyns to play at the school dance (no one else tried out). They arrive late at school and accidentally slip into the girls' health class during a movie and are caught by Miss Spleen, who reprimands them for being late for her math class and forgetting homework and threatens to have them expelled and kept from playing at the school dance. Later at the Kozy Korner, Ted purchases a blue Frosty Slush in a silver collector's cup before the dudes head back in ti

    8. Pocket Watch Full Of Miracles

    • Bill is sleeping soundly on a Saturday morning when Missy wakes him up, asking him to go buy a present for Mr. Preston's surprise birthday party. She had found an antique pocket watch just like the one Mr. Preston always talked about losing as a child. Instead Bill rehearses with Ted in the garage, and when they blow an amp they decide to use the money to buy themselves a new amplifier, thinking they can simply go back in time and get the watch before Bill's dad loses it instead. However in t

    9. This Babe Ruth "Babe" Is A Dude, Dude

    • Bill and Ted are heading to school, admiring their new pump sneakers which they have for gym class. They notice Rufus going into the bowling alley nearby to rent all the shoes they have to deliver to the Yankee soldiers who have missed a shipment of shoes. Bill & Ted offer their own pump sneakers to the cause as well. In gym class, they anger Coach Sweatsocks when they run through the hurdles instead of over them and do not have their shoes. He punishes them to polish his trophies, including

    10. When The Going Gets Tough Bill & Ted Are History

    • Bill & Ted give a free Wyld Stallyns concert in the park, only to be totally walked out on. This depresses them to the point they decide not to continue trying to be musicians. In the future San Dimas, the Three Most Important People summon Rufus and explain what has happened, saying that their future is on shaky ground. If Bill & Ted do not continue to try to create their music, life as they know it will cease to happen and time has started running backwards. They tell Rufus that he must no

    11. Never The Twain Shall Meet

    • Bill & Ted face the most heinous event of their lives when Mr. Ryan announces they are expelled. Terrified of what Ted's dad will do to him, the dudes ask for a second chance. Mr. Ryan says that if they can line up someone incredible for tomorrow's Career Day they may have a chance to stay in school. At the Kozy Korner they try to decide who to get to speak. Remembering the statuettes on Mr. Ryan's desk, they go in search of Shakespeare and Mark Twain. They arrive in England to find Shakesp

    12. A Job, A Job - My Kingdom For A Job

    • Bill & Ted's fathers make it clear that they are not getting any more advances on their allowances, leaving the dudes with a most serious low cash flow crisis. Rufus meets them at the Kozy Korner where he shows them a Wyld Stallyns hologram which has suffered an electrical glitch and wiped out the sound and he's been sent back to find out what song it is. The dudes want to rehearse but realize that they need money and have to find part time jobs. They apply for work in the food court at the S

    13. A Grimm Story Of An Overdue Book

    • Bill & Ted are getting ready to climb aboard the school bus heading for an excellent school ski trip when Rufus drops in and asks if they would attend Be Excellent to Each Other Day in the future, but they decline, telling him about their ski trip. Before they can board the bus, however, a Bookmobile with flashing lights pulls up and they find themselves facing Sgt. Joe Donaldson of the library police. He informs Ted that he is the library's Most Wanted fugitive for not returning the library's