Bhram : Season 1

    • Air date: 24 Oct '19 8 episodes
  • List of Episodes (8)

    1. The Porter Hill Murder

    • After spending 6 months in psychiatric care, Writer Alisha Khanna arrives at her sister, Ankita's hillside home in order to recover from her illness.

    2. Help Me

    • Alisha Khanna sees a mysterious girl in her hallucinations but does not want to confide it to Ankita or her brother-in-law, Peter. Alisha accepts the offer for taking a creative writing workshop in St Augustine's.

    3. Down the Cursed Road

    • Peter’s friend, Pradeep, meets with an accident. The locals believe that it must have been the work of the tribal deity, Ukkala. However, Inspector Rawat does not believe in folklore. He suspects something sinister and tracks an unknown body in the jungle.

    4. The Guilt

    • One night, Alisha goes missing from the house and Peter and Rawat find her in the woods strangling herself. Alisha believes that she was brought there by a girl called Ayesha and then attacked by a masked creature. Is she imagining things or were they real? Most importantly, who is Ayesha?

    5. The Drowning

    • In another hallucinatory episode, Alisha drowns in the bathtub and hurts herself in the struggle. On the same day, the police recover the dead body of the girl from St Augustine’s in the woods. Incidentally, Dr. Saini finds similar marks on the necks of Sarah and Alisha leading him to believe that there is a connection between the two. He refers Alisha to Dr. Rao, a renowned hypnotist. Can Dr. Rao help Alisha?

    6. Haunted Memory Lane

    • After a gruelling hypnosis session with Dr. Rao, Alisha spends some time off at Peter’s heritage resort. Here, she encounters Saida, the woman whom she had seen in her hallucinations. Further, she learns about Ayesha through her diary and decides to meet the man responsible for the murder. But something far more disturbing is waiting for her. Will she be able to bear the truth?

    7. Skeletons in the Cupboard

    • Peter and Pradeep decide to meet Joseph and rid themselves of their past guilt. Meanwhile, Dr. Rao is murdered, and Alisha becomes the prime suspect. Will Dr. Saini and Rawat find enough evidence to plead Alisha's innocence, or will Dr. Rao’s clouded diagnosis of Alisha’s split personality be used against her?

    8. The King of the Jungle

    • Rawat finds Ayesha’s diary at Fr Joseph’s place which throws a new light on the investigation. He is damn sure that Alisha is the murderer, but Alisha goes missing! They would not believe her but when she wakes up, she is in the middle of the woods, bound and gagged. In front of her stands the monstrous deity, Ukkala.