Beyond : Season 1

    • Air date: 01 Jan '17 10 episodes
      Holden Matthews wakes up from a coma after 12 years with new abilities that propel him into the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. Holden must try and figure out what happened to him during those 12 years; how to survive a world that changed while he was gone; and answer the question, why did this happen to him?
  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. Pilot

    • Holden Matthews wakes up after 12 years in a coma to discover he's gained supernatural abilities. Then, a mysterious woman warns him not to trust anyone and a stranger claiming to know about his powers attacks him, sending him on a mission to uncover what happened while he was asleep.

    2. Tempus Fugit

    • Holden attempts to forget about his recent bizarre encounters and lead a “normal” life. Luke tries to help Holden acclimate to his new surroundings and brings him along to a college party. Holden hits it off with a friendly co-ed, but strange memories of Willa lead to disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, Diane and Tom try to bond with Holden as an adult.

    3. Ties That Bind

    • Holden continues to try to fit back into his life and learns how much things have really changed while he was in his coma. He seeks an explanation for his new powers and agrees to a scary undertaking to learn more about what happened to him. His first real memory of where he was during his coma proves to be too much for Holden to handle.

    4. The Man in the Yellow Jacket

    • Holden is determined to learn more about the mysterious man who is after him and teams up with a former adversary turned unlikely ally. The Matthews are unnerved when Jeff, the person they feel is responsible for Holden’s accident, continues to show up in their lives. Luke continues to struggle with his place in the family, now that Holden has returned.

    5. Fancy Meeting You Here

    • Holden ventures out on his first date with Jamie.

    6. Celeste

    • A coma survivor makes Holden question his loyalties.

    7. The Hour of the Wolf

    • Holden and Charlie go on an escapist road trip.

    8. Last Action Hero

    • Jeff fights to keep Holden alive.

    9. Out of Darkness

    • Holden is lured into helping Frost reach the Bridge.

    10. Into the Light

    • Holden reluctantly agrees to escort Frost into the Realm.