Bekaaboo : Season 1

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      Air date: 15 May '19 10 episodes
  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. Aur Phir Aayi Ek B***h

    • Famous erotica writer Kiyan Roy’s life tumbles into chaos when a dangerous fan begins to stalk him.

    2. Wo Kaun Thi?

    • Kashti is dangerous, and Kiyan doesn’t want her around Anaysha. What will Kiyan do to keep Kashti away from Anaysha?

    3. Pain Aur Pleasure

    • Kiyan thinks if he gives his crazy stalker what she wants, she might leave him alone for good. But he is wrong.

    4. H***y Ko Kaun Taal Sakta Hai?

    5. Charam Sukh Ya Forever Dukh

    6. The Twist and The Twisted

    7. Bhootiya Ya Ch***ya

    • Kiyan searches for clues in Tina’s empty flat. He is confident that someone is surveilling him closely.

    8. Indecent Proposal

    • Kiyan proposes Kashti in a restaurant. Later, he follows Tina to her apartment.

    9. Mission Gulshan

    • Anaysha agrees to help Kiyan but on a condition that he tells her the truth.

    10. Season Finale : The Climax