• Air date: 06 Jan '22 5 episodes
      Who’s ready for a Sin City showdown? This season, bots from around the globe descend upon Las Vegas for a battle to the death in the new season of BATTLEBOTS. New Zealand’s End Game currently has the trophy, but teams from the USA are determined to bring it back to America. Will they succeed, or will the trophy find a new home in Europe, Asia or South America? Rivals meet again, more determined than ever to be victorious. Former title holder Tombstone returns to the BattleBox. After
  • List of Episodes (5)
    • 1. Slash and Burn!

      06 Jan '22
      Fire and fury in the BattleBox as the new season kicks off with a bang. Buckle up as bots from around the globe return to the BattleBox to face off in the world’s top robot combat tournament.
    • 2. I Like Big Bots (That Will Not Die)

      13 Jan '22
      The season heats up as Kraken, Yeti and deadly Rotator enter the Box for the 1st time. More carnage in Sin City as 14 killer bots enter the arena. Legendary drum-spinner Yeti returns to the fray after a year’s absence. Rusty is back too – but will his Mum’s popcorn bowl be enough protection against the deadly weapon of his first opponent?
    • 3. Ducks, Dragons, Killer Snakes – What a Zoo!

      20 Jan '22
      In Las Vegas, the action reaches fever pitch as more bots make their season debuts. Seasoned veterans return to the BattleBox to relive their glory years, while new Giant Nut contenders are determined to make a splash.
    • 4. Out With the Old

      27 Jan '22
      With World Championship qualification on their minds, many of the best bots on the planet put it all on the line trying to win their second match up of the qualifying round.
    • 5. TBA

      03 Feb '22