Barney & Friends : Season 7

    • Air date: 02 Sep '02 20 episodes
  • List of Episodes (20)

    1. All Aboard!

    • Barney's friends are racing to clean up the park, but Kami has trouble keeping up with the other kids - even when they pretend to be ants marching in a parade! Barney and Scott visit the Idea Bench where Scott comes up with a great idea - to show Kami that even though the caboose is the last car in the train, it's the most important because that's where the conductor rides. With Kami playing "Conductor for the Day," they learn all about trains and have fun checking out a model train. Then, they

    2. Up, Down, and Around!

    3. Tea-riffic Manners

    4. Puppy Love

    5. Bunches of Boxes

    6. Stop! Go!

    7. Red, Yellow, and Blue!

    • Singing and dancing their way through a color-filled day of learning, Barney and friends search for red, yellow, and blue objects to complete their color collection.

    8. Play for Exercise!

    9. Come Blow Your Horn!

    10. A New Friend

    11. Numbers! Numbers!

    12. This Way In! This Way Out!

    13. Spring Into Fun!

    14. Play It Safe!

    • Barney reminds Baby Bop that bandages are for real injuries; safety rules for playgrounds.

    15. Three Lines, Three Corners

    • From a chalk hopscotch board made of triangles, the kids explore the shapes around them. The triangle gets the most exposure, from rooftops to paper hats.

    16. A Parade of Bikes

    17. It's a Happy Day!

    18. My Family and Me

    19. Splish! Splash!

    20. B.J.'s Really Cool House

    • Barney, Baby Bop and the kids discuss the different rooms in a house while B.J. makes a house of his own. In the process, everyone learns what parts of a house are important.