Bar Code : Season 1

    • Air date: 10 Oct '18 10 episodes
  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. The VIP Room

    • Sahil Chopra owns VIBE, the best nightclub in Mumbai. While Sahil is all set to launch the VIP Lounge in VIBE, his rival Vicky Arora, owner of REHAB nightclub, goes back in time and remembers their friendship and how it turned into a rivalry.

    2. The Russian Girls

    • Vicky decides to give his club an image makeover by hiring Russian girls to attract VIBE's elite mix of foreign and Indian crowd. Sahil doesn't take this well as this could upset his franchise deal talk with Thapar.

    3. The Raid

    • The police raids Rehab on a peak business night. While Vicky gets hot headed with the police, Minaz tries to introduce Vicky to her brother. Meanwhile, Rhea suggests an unusual way to keep her fractured relationship with Sahil alive.

    4. Revenge

    • Vicky plots his revenge on Sahil. Sahil's personal crisis continues but this time with a new girl in his life - Natasha. His night out with Natasha is interrupted by a desperate phone call from Vibe.

    5. The Bar Code is...

    • The Mumbai Hotel and Bar Association calls for an emergency meeting to confront Vicky and Sahil. A code of conduct is set for both of them. Vicky and Minaz's relationship gets turbulent. Rhea gets asked out on a date by a pilot colleague.

    6. Wait and Watch

    • Rehab opens for business again. Minaz comes to meet Sahil who is suspicious of her unexpected visit. Vicky warns Mickey about bringing Olga to the club. Rhea confronts Sahil about seeing another woman.

    7. One Wrong Move

    • Post their break-up Vicky finds out that Minaz has been meeting Sahil. Rhea and Sahil have a huge showdown. Vicky threatens Sahil.

    8. All Hell Breaks...

    • Vicky is interrogated by both the Police and the Association regarding the gun incident brawl at Sahil's club. While Mickey tries hard to get Minaz and Vicky back together, Vicky discovers something about Mickey.

    9. The Dead End

    • While Rhea and Minaz try coping with their heartache, Sahil and Vicky are on the verge of shutting shop.

    10. Nothing is Forever

    • Vicky tries to save his club while Sahil finds out the shocking truth about the incident in his club. Meanwhile Rhea tries one last attempt to salvage her relationship with Sahil while Minaz contemplates the next chapter of her life.