• Air date: 11 Aug '21 8 episodes
      Expert bakers elevate desserts with next-level ideas and epic execution. Now the battle is on to win over clients in need of very special sweets.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Brother Birthday Bash

      11 Aug '21
      The bakers pack the fun and flair into an edible play space, a colossal chocolate dragon egg and other showstoppers for two boys’ joint birthday fest.
    • 2. Rock n' Roll Wedding

      11 Aug '21
      From a life-size chocolate drum kit to the purr-fect cake for cat lovers: The squad pulls out all the stops for a musician couple's wedding day.
    • 3. Sweet & Spicy Fiesta

      11 Aug '21
      Bring on the heat! The bakers go wild with flavor and spice — including the world's hottest chile — for a hot sauce-loving dad's birthday celebration.
    • 4. Kicking Cancer Celebration

      11 Aug '21
      For a family's heartfelt gathering, the team assembles dazzling dessert displays, from a giant chocolate bust to a 260-piece edible makeup collection.
    • 5. A Magical Wedding

      11 Aug '21
      A fairy-tale wedding calls for extraordinary showpieces — and teamwork! Working in pairs, the bakers inject magic and whimsy into two unique bakes.
    • 6. Supersize Smash Cake

      11 Aug '21
      What's a first birthday without a smash cake? The bakers sculpt, mold and layer playtime-friendly desserts for a toddler's rainbow-themed bash.
    • 7. Super Sweet 16

      11 Aug '21
      A sweet 16 celebration inspires far-out treats: gelatin stunners, pizza illusions, classic French pastries with a twist, and a huge red velvet cake.
    • 8. For The Love Of Cake

      11 Aug '21
      Big bakes, new flavors and tender surprises delight as the squad prepares to give a Texan couple a wedding anniversary they will never forget.