Astey Ladies : Season 1

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      Air date: 15 Mar '19 9 episodes
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    1. The Uninvited Guest

    • At 10 pm, a man comes to Megha's house and introduces himself to her husband, Subham, as her old friend, Angshu. What's the reason behind this surprise visit?

    2. Salon de Paris

    • Goons come to vandalise Salon de Paris, a hairstyling parlour, owned by Megha, Lima, and Tani. They realise that their business is under threat.

    3. The Mission Begins

    • Ritwik da suggests an out-of-the-box solution to save the parlour: robbery. After much consideration, Megha, Tani, and Lima make their first attack.

    4. The Robbery

    • After planning for their second heist in details, Megha and Tani decide to attack the flat of a man named Shibkali Panja. Will they be successful this time?

    5. The Apartment

    • Megha and Tani arrive at Radharani Apartment. In one flat, owned by a man named Koushik, they face an unexpected situation. What's in store for them?

    6. The Makeover Plan

    • Kaushik demands money from Megha and Tani for the mental harrassment they caused, threatening to call the police. They soon find that they have a common enemy.

    7. The Diamond Heist

    • Megha, Tani, and Lima hatch an elaborate plan with Kaushik to prepare for their diamond heist. Then, they reach Samar Poddar's jewellery store.

    8. The Lion's Den

    • Megha and Tani continue to work closely with Kaushik and keep an eye on Samar Poddar. Meanwhile, something is brewing among the three.

    9. The Final Cut

    • Megha and Tani trick the influential businessmen and are joined by Kaushik and Lima. Will they be able to find the diamonds?