• Air date: 09 Sep '72 7 episodes
      Around the World in 80 Days is an animated television series that lasted one season of sixteen episodes, broadcast during the 1972-1973 season by NBC. It was the first Australian-produced cartoon to be shown on American network television. Leif Gram directed all sixteen episodes, and the stories were loosely adapted by Chester "Chet" Stover from the novel by Jules Verne.
  • List of Episodes (7)
    • 1. Episode 1: London

      09 Sep '72
      Fogg and Passepartout are ready to begin their journey, but first they must receover a written letter from Queen Victoria to leave England quickly. Mr. Fix tries to stop them; but ends up in prision for impersonating the Queen (yes he really did it). Though being a little late and apolgizing, Fogg received his letter to leave the country.
    • 2. Episode 2: Paris

      16 Sep '72
      The traveling duo leaves London to Paris by boat; Fogg reminds Passepartout that he must meet a certain gentleman in Paris by 4:00 pm. Fix causes many delays ; first by changing the course of the ship, and after arriving in France; they miss their train to Paris. They reach their destination with 10 minutes to spare; but Fix has one more trick up his sleeve. Disguisesing himself as a guide; Fix gives the pair a hasten tour of Paris via the Eifel Tower. When they reach the top to view the city,
    • 3. Episode 3: Switzerland

      16 Sep '72
    • 4. Episode 4: Rome

      30 Sep '72
    • 5. Episode 5: Pompei

      14 Oct '72
    • 6. Episode 6: Port Atranto

      04 Nov '72
    • 7. Episode 7: Athens

      11 Nov '72