• Air date: 14 Jan '22 8 episodes
      An archivist takes a job restoring damaged videotapes and gets pulled into the vortex of a mystery involving the missing director and a demonic cult.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • Haunted by a family tragedy, Dan begins to restore videotapes for a cryptic firm. Then he's startled to learn of his connection to their missing creator.
    • 2. Wellspring

      14 Jan '22
      Messages from the dead arrive while Dan follows Melody on her investigation into the Visser. But who's watching the watcher — and what lies below?
    • 3. Terror in the Aisles

      14 Jan '22
      The past loops back around as Melody returns to Steven with Jess. Mark checks out a find. Dan tries to map his situation, but he may be losing his way.
    • 4. Spirit Receivers

      14 Jan '22
      In the woods, Dan encounters the unexpected. In the tapes, Melody learns about the cult and makes contact during a shocking séance.
    • 5. Through the Looking Glass

      14 Jan '22
      The past blurs into the present when Melody visits a forbidden floor in search of an inspired Anabelle. Music leads to lost souls — and revelations.
    • 6. The Circle

      14 Jan '22
      A circle tightens, panic grows: Dan learns about his predecessor, and Melody tries to track the source of the Visser's dangers. Yet the evil spreads.
    • 7. The Ferryman

      14 Jan '22
      The veil drops from a cursed film's origins. At the Vos Mansion in 1924, Iris recruits Rose for a blood ritual. Dan knows he must find Anabelle.
    • 8. What Lies Beneath

      14 Jan '22
      The Otherworld beckons. Melody circles back to the Visser, where a new device captures a sacrifice. So much depends on Dan's journey into the unknown.