• Air date: 07 Sep '18 6 episodes
      While Joe, who has left the ACD, struggles with his love for anime, Diesel recruits him to help solve a new case: a serial killer whose MO seems to be recreating the most tragic anime deaths of all time.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. The Case Promised in Our Early Days

      07 Sep '18
      Detective Joe Furuya gets pulled back into the life of an Anime Crimes Division Detective when an old friend is found murdered...
    • 2. ACD_AMV.wmv

      14 Sep '18
      Joe and Diesel head over to AMV Alley to investigate a lead...
    • 3. Silence of the Fireflies

      21 Sep '18
      Stumped and in need of a lead, Diesel makes contact with an old friend for help. Meanwhile, Joe finds himself closer to the killer than he thought he'd be...
    • 4. The Beach Episode

      28 Sep '18
      This is the beach episode! Diesel fulfills her promise and helps Joe in his journey to become a citizen of Prestige Television City, but they soon discover something familiar lurking under the surface...
    • 5. Blood: The Last Hard Drive

      05 Oct '18
      Diesel returns to a city changed, and finds a way to save the people of Neo Otaku City from the evil group Toxic. She may know what she needs, but there's only one person who can stop her...
    • 6. The Saddest Anime Death of All Time

      12 Oct '18
      With Joe pitted against her, Diesel's efforts to save the city seem to be futile. But maybe a gift from an old friend might change her friend's mind...