• Air date: 17 Mar '23 6 episodes
      Ryoko Yonekura stars in this series written by Ryota Kosawa about specialists who transport the deceased back home. The company Angel Hearse is run by Nami Izawa (Ryoko Yonekura) and Kashiwagi (Kenichi Endo). A drama that portrays love between the deceased and the bereaved.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • Nami and Rinko fly to Manila to find the missing body of Yohei Sugihara, who died in a gang fight. However, Yohei's father says this is unnecessary as he had disowned his son long ago, and he returns to Japan with his wife. Nami goes to the slums and succeeds in sending Yohei back to Japan. After his body gets cleaned up and delivered to his parents, a surprising truth about his death is revealed.
    • A terrorist attack in Africa takes the lives of six Japanese people involved in infrastructure development. Nami and Rinko fly to Africa to support the deceased's families and transport the deceased back home. The process of identifying the bodies proves to be difficult due to the damage they have suffered, and the bereaved become outraged at not being able to see their loved ones.
    • Nami and Rinko are in Korea when they are requested to transport the body of a woman who died while on vacation. Despite flights getting canceled due to a typhoon, Nami finds a plane for the hearse. Meanwhile, a man from a famous company asks Kashiwagi to transport the body of his company's CEO who died in Korea. When Kashiwagi orders Nami to prioritize the CEO's body, she does the unthinkable!
    • A Vietnamese intern at a garment factory dies in a car accident. Nami picks up her body, but a man robs the body and locks himself in the factory warehouse. Rinko and Yano are put in charge of the bodies of a man and woman who were having an affair, and chaos ensues when the bereaved find out about the affair. Nami then confronts the factory owner after learning about his discriminatory practices.
    • Lily, a woman accused of murdering her ex husbands for insurance money, comes to Japan after marrying Moroccan millionaire Salim. And now, her new husband dies in the hotel room, leaving everyone suspicious, including Nami who's been tasked with transporting his body. Did Lily kill her husband? As the truth comes to light, so does the story about the death of Nami's beloved Yukito.
    • Rinko is notified about the death of her mother, who had embarked on a journey with the little time she had left, and she flies to a village in Bolivia with Nami. Why did her mother choose this as her final resting place? As she faces her mother's body, Rinko is able to fix their broken relationship. Meanwhile, the cop Kurosaki tells Nami that Yukito, who was thought to be dead, may be alive.