• Season 1 streaming now!
      Air date: 17 Jun '22 8 episodes
      Whenever Arun Goes To Kodangipalayam, Problems Arise And Ammuchi Tends To Seamlessly Solve It In The End. So, What Problem Did He Create Now?
      Ammuchi 2 season 1 has 8 episodes. It is a tamil action web-series starring Prasanna Balachandran, Srija, Chinnamani and Sassi Selvaraj.. It is created by Rajeshwar.K. Season 1 for Ammuchi 2 aired on 17 Jun '22 and available to watch online on streaming platform Aha.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • Sasi causes a ruckus in his village, Kodangipalayam and the villagers yell at him and his father for his antic behavior. Meanwhile, Arun lies to his family and travels to Kodangipalayam to help his love interest Mithra.
    • 2. Singapore Gundu

      17 Jun '22
      Arun meets Mithra’s father Maakaali in the hope of convincing him, but to his dismay it worsens the situation. He eventually gets to know that there is bad blood between Ammuchi and Maakaali.
    • 3. Kazhuththa Suththuna Paambu

      17 Jun '22
      Arun and Sasi talk to Mosanaai Mani in the hopes of convincing him, but their effort goes in vain due to Mani’s stubborn nature.
    • 4. Chellathura Sabatham

      17 Jun '22
      Maakaali challenges Arun & Sasi to win over Mosanaai Mani in the games organized as part of the village festival, and they accept the challenge. Ammuchi silently plans behind Arun’s back by manipulating Sasi.
    • 5. Thudum Dum Dum Dum

      17 Jun '22
      Mithra is really pissed off that this whole challenge is built upon her. Arun, Sasi and the team practice hard for the upcoming competition.
    • 6. Kedaayans Vs Kaduvans

      17 Jun '22
      Arun convinces his team members and wins the second game against Mani’s team. Sasi tries to ruin the victory, but Arun apologizes to the opposite team and solves the issue.
    • 7. Kaathiru Pagaiye

      17 Jun '22
      After two consecutive victories, Arun gets ready to face Mani in the next game with zeal. Mithra escapes from her house to cheer Arun. When a vital truth is revealed by Sasi, it shatters Arun’s confidence.
    • 8. Village Rekla - Collegela Paakalaam!

      17 Jun '22
      Flashback unfolds revealing the bonding between Arun and Sasi since childhood. Ammuchi & Arun join hands to help Arun in winning the final game.