• Air date: 05 Feb '19 10 episodes
      The story of entrepreneur Don Cornelius, who developed the Soul Train show, which rose to prominence in the 1970s.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • 1. Man is First Destiny

      05 Feb '19
      Don risks everything to land an A-List performer in order to take Soul Train nationwide. While Tessa struggles to live up to Don's expectations, she discovers a new act that could be the next big thing.
    • 2. Continuous Revolution in Progress

      05 Feb '19
      Don works with an unlikely partner, Tessa has second thoughts, JT's old friend leads him down the wrong path, and the Clarke family awaits Joseph's return from Vietnam.
    • 3. Lost and Found

      12 Feb '19
      An unexpected visitor forces Don to reevaluate his new life. The Clarke family tries to pick up the pieces after their devastating loss. Patrick's loyalties are tested as the cop killer investigation heats up.
    • 4. Just Us

      19 Feb '19
      Don figures out a new creative way to score top talent for the show. Tessa goes to the extreme to get the dancers into shape only to end up hurting the show. JT's family is hanging by a thread.
    • 5. Fault Lines

      26 Feb '19
      Don has to save the show after a powerful earthquake almost brings the whole thing crashing down; Tessa has to make a choice between her career and the striking "Soul Train" dancers.
    • 6. What Are You Looking At?

      05 Mar '19
    • 7. Nothing to Fear

      12 Mar '19
    • 8. Nothing Ventured... Nothing Gained

      19 Mar '19
    • 9. 68 BC

      26 Mar '19
    • 10. Proceed With Caution

      02 Apr '19
      Simone, Kendall, and JT must reconcile their own lives before committing to the group.