• Air date: 07 Jun '22 17 episodes
      A look at the personal and professional lives of the judges, lawyers, clerks, bailiffs and cops who work at an L.A. County courthouse.
  • List of Episodes (17)
    • 1. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

      07 Jun '22
      Los Angeles judges, prosecutors and public defenders work to get justice for the people amidst a flawed legal process.
    • 2. The Game

      14 Jun '22
      Lola Stands to lose her judgeship due to Sherri's volunteer activities; Ness learns whether she passed the bar; a domestic violence case leaves Lola conflicted.
    • 3. Give It Time

      21 Jun '22
      The investigation into Lola’s campaign takes a shocking turn; Amy makes a confession to Mark about their future; Emily’s new case tests her.
    • 4. Trouble Man

      28 Jun '22
      Lola courts Sherri to return to her chambers; Luke and Mark's friendship is tested while on opposite sides of a trial; Emily continues fighting for Charlotte.
    • 5. It Ain't Over Till It's Over

      05 Jul '22
      Luke and Mark continue to fight on opposing sides of a murder case, and Mark has a startling revelation about the defendant. Lola runs into someone from her past, and Emily represents a juvenile charged with serious crimes.
    • 6. I'll Be There

      12 Jul '22
      In a race against the clock, Emily tries to find justice for a client she believes was wrongfully convicted of murder 20 years ago. Lola and Robin discuss hiring a nanny. Ness works on a new case.
    • 7. Through the Fire

      19 Jul '22
      Sara struggles with work, Luke represents a client accused of arson, and Andre makes an unexpected appearance in a case Lola is presiding over; Emily helps Gloria with a family issue.
    • 8. Lola Through the Looking Glass

      26 Jul '22
      Lola dreams of a world where she has made different life choices.
    • 9. Truth Hurts

      02 Aug '22
      Mark goes up against the federal government on the smash and grab case.
    • 10. Fire and Rain

      09 Aug '22
      Mark and Teddy take on Brandon Page in the smash and grab trial with Emily's client, Maddy, as their star witness. Meanwhile, André and Lola address their past, and Mark confronts Amy about her divorce.
    • 11. Unwanted Guest

      16 Sep '23
    • 12. Guilt Is A Bully

      23 Sep '23
    • 13. Trouble Woman

      30 Sep '23
    • 14. We Are Family

      07 Oct '23
    • 15. Say Something

      14 Oct '23
    • 16. Passionfruit

      21 Oct '23
    • 17. I Will Not Go Quietly

      28 Oct '23