• Season 1 streaming now!
      Air date: 22 Nov '18 12 episodes
      The series traces the story of a cop hunting down a kidnapped girl that leads him to unravel a prostitution ring. He was given a timeline to find the girl and with each step in his journey that he wastes not finding the girl, he would be closer to his death.
      Alarm season 1 has 12 episodes. It is a drama, crime web-series starring Prem and Anjali Rao. Season 1 for Alarm aired on 22 Nov '18 and available to watch online on streaming platform ZEE5.
  • List of Episodes (12)
    • After a series of kidnapping of teenaged girls in Chennai, a helpless mother, whose daughter is missing, approaches the police. But when the cops refuse to track her girl down, she approaches Inspector Thanigai who too shows no urgency. Is Thanigai an honest cop or does he have a different side to his personality?
    • Special unit inspector Thanigai assures Savitri, the tribal women, that her daughter will soon be found. Later, he has a secret meeting with Solomon, a flesh trade kingpin, which is discovered by Inspector Andrea.
    • Thanigai takes charge of his special unit but Savitri’s words continue to haunt him. On his birthday, he visits the temple with his family, where Savitri is already present. What is Savitri up to?
    • Thanigai is now confused. To add to his woes, Savitri gives him 12 hours to find her daughter or face fatal consequences. Meanwhile Malini is shot at by unknown men. With time running out, what will Thanigai do?
    • Malini is hospitalised and Thanigai is desperate to seek revenge. However, the Commissioner asks him to remain calm. Thanigai comes up with an idea to trace Bhupati.
    • Attack is the best defence. Thanigai and his team set out to find clues and discover some shocking truths. They decide to burn down the place where girls are tortured.
    • 7. Guilt Trip

      22 Nov '18
      When Thanigai’s sister is troubled by gangsters, he fears for her life. Thereafter, he undergoes a transformation and feels guilty of his corrupt deeds and promises to do what is right. Meanwhile, Solomon and Bhupati have a meeting to clear their misunderstandings.
    • Thanigai and his team set out to channelise all their energy to find Chelli. The team reaches the beach from where Chelli was kidnapped and make a restart their investigation which eventually points towards Solomon.
    • After his colleague is killed, Thanigai gets furious and comes up with a new plan to eliminate his enemies. He joins hands with Bhupathi and targets Solomon’s gang members.
    • Thanigai discovers that Commissioner and Solomon are partners and he needs to come up with a new plan to eliminate his enemies. Thanigai uses the media to his advantage and makes a pact with Bhupathi.
    • 11. Time Up

      22 Nov '18
      As the clock ticks, Thanigai meets his nemesis but this time, he is outnumbered. Will Thanigai’s plan work out or will he become a victim himself.
    • After eliminating all the enemies, Thanigai is rushed to the hospital, where Chelli and her mother visit him. Chelli’s mother reveals the truth to Thanigai which shocks him. Thanigai must now decide if he wants to live his life like a cunning wolf or a fearless lion.