• Air date: 18 Nov '21 8 episodes
      Seenu vows never to flirt with a girl before marriage due to harrowing childhood instance. However, life seems to pull off a joke when his bride elopes with her boyfriend on their wedding day.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Therasala

      18 Nov '21
      Sinu narrates a childhood incident that prompted him to vow to never flirt with any girl before marriage. Now an adult, he finally finds his match in Sudha, who elopes on their wedding day.
    • Sinu moves to Hyderabad to pursue a job and stays with his friends Dass and Bala. Sudha’s father meets Sinu and convinces him to abduct Sudha’s accomplice Maha.
    • 3. Brahma Mudi

      18 Nov '21
      Ready to avenge himself, Sinu and his friends abduct Maha a day before her wedding. While Sudha’s father plans to kill the girl, Sinu saves her. They together leave for Hyderabad to start afresh.
    • On reaching Hyderabad, Maha is rejected by her family. Stuck, helpless, and alone, she has nowhere to go. Sinu witnesses her situation and hesitantly offers her shelter at his place.
    • In order to stop Maha from filing a complaint, Sinu asks one of his friends to impersonate a police officer. As the footage of the abduction goes missing, Sudha’s father continues to threaten Maha.
    • Friendship and love brew between Sinu and Maha during their stay together. Maha, however, faces problems with her ex over a house promised in dowry. An angry Maha reveals why she helped Sudha elope.
    • Sinu helps in solving Maha’s house issue. As Sinu’s wedding gets fixed with another girl, both realise their love for each other. But Sudha’s father exposes Sinu as Maha's abductor to her father.