• Air date: 26 Sep '83 22 episodes
      AfterMASH is an American situation comedy that aired on CBS from September 26, 1983, to December 11, 1984. A spin-off of the series M*A*S*H, the show takes place immediately following the end of the Korean War and chronicles the adventures of three characters from the original series: Colonel Potter, Klinger and Father Mulcahy. M*A*S*H supporting cast-member Kellye Nakahara joined them, albeit off-camera, as the voice of the hospital's public address system. Rosalind Chao rounded out the starring cast as Soon-Lee Klinger, a Korean refugee whom Klinger met, fell in love with and married in the M*A*S*H series finale "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen." AfterMASH premiered in the fall of 1983 in the same Monday night 9:00 P.M. EST. time slot as its predecessor M*A*S*H. It finished 10th out of all network shows for the 1983-1984 season according to Nielsen Media Research television ratings. For its second season CBS moved the show to Tuesday nights at 8:00 EST., opposite NBC's top ten hit The A-Team, and...
  • List of Episodes (22)
    • 1. September of '53

      26 Sep '83
      Potter, Klinger and Father Mulcahy find that adjusting to civilian life isn't easy. Potter, not wanting to mark time in retirement, applies for a job at a VA hospital. Klinger spends time in jail before being offered a job by Potter. Father Mulcahy despairs over his hearing loss suffered in the M*A*S*H finale.
    • 2. Together Again

      26 Sep '83
      After ear surgery, Father Mulcahy goes on R-and-R at General Pershing, where Klinger is battling Alma to find a room for a female patient.
    • 3. Klinger vs. Klinger

      03 Oct '83
      Soon-Lee wants to bring her family to America; a semiconscious patient is brought in without proper papers.
    • 4. Snap, Crackle, Plop

      10 Oct '83
      Klinger has a day to prepare for a civil-service exam.
    • 5. Staph Inspection

      17 Oct '83
      A flasher and a staph carrier are on the loose just two days before and inspection by VA top brass.
    • 6. Night Shift

      24 Oct '83
      Myraid crises call Potter, Klinger, and Mulcahy to night duty at the hospital.
    • 7. Shall We Dance

      31 Oct '83
      In a campaign against depravity, Alma bans From Here to Eternity and objects to a dance for the patients.
    • 8. Little Broadcast of '53

      07 Nov '83
      Klinger plays disc jockey on the PA system; a new nurse is being hazed; and Father Mulcahy has to contend with one patient who won't talk and another who won't stop.
    • 9. Sunday, Cruddy Sunday

      14 Nov '83
      Visitors' day attracts a group that includes a car-selling faith healer, a man dying too be admitted as a patient and an acrophobe whose brother is on the third floor.
    • 10. Thanksgiving of '53

      21 Nov '83
      The Potters plan their first family Thanksgiving in a dozen years -- but the guest list keeps on growing.
    • 11. Fallout

      05 Dec '83
      Potter and Pfeiffer are thinking of leaving, but the discovery that a patient's leukemia may be linked to A-Bomb tests gives them both pause.
    • 12. Bladder Day Saints

      12 Dec '83
      Pfeiffer gets the needle from an obnoxious paitent with a face that Pfeiffer says ""only a proctologist could love"".
    • 13. All About Christmas Eve

      19 Dec '83
      Santa sprinkles surprises among his gifts to the staff and patients at the hospital.
    • 14. Chief of Staff

      02 Jan '84
      Potter seems to be having more than his usual load of problems at the hospital.
    • 15. C.Y.A.

      09 Jan '84
      Mulcahy gets entangled in red tape trying to get the VA to pay for his ear operation. A woman claims the hospital lost her son.
    • 16. Yours Truly, Max Klinger

      16 Jan '84
      Klinger cites examples of how ""things are always jumping"" in a letter to Radar.
    • 17. It Had To Be You

      23 Jan '84
      About to be married, Radar turns up at the Potters', panicky and determined to call the whole thing off.
    • 18. Odds and Ends

      30 Jan '84
      Klinger gambles to provide for his unborn child. Scannell goes under the knife to remove migrating shrapnel.
    • 19. Another Saturday Night

      06 Feb '84
      With Mildred out, Potter plans a quiet dinner, but the evening is interrupted by a stream of friends.
    • 20. Fever Pitch

      27 Feb '84
      Boyer is steamed because he can't get a cooling blanket for a feverish patient.
    • 21. By The Book

      05 Mar '84
      Klinger and Bob Scannell prospect for uranium; Potter searches for an antibiotic that hasn't been approved by the VA.
    • 22. Up and Down Payments

      12 Mar '84
      When Klinger goes house hunting, he winds up getting trapped by an agent.