• Air date: 02 Nov '15 6 episodes
      An 18 year old music lover who's just had his heart broken for the first time turns for support to an internet radio station on a long boat run by two people with extravagant personalities.
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Young Jobless

      02 Nov '15
      A music fan turns to a local radio show when his heart is broken for the first time.
    • 2. Float On

      09 Nov '15
      Willow is devastated when he discovers his best pal Chris has been burgled and his ex, Jasmine, has started dating a bass player. When his big moment to win her back arrives, Chris is badly in need of a friend. Will Willow make the right choice?
    • 3. Formed A Band

      16 Nov '15
      Lauren and Ollie try to cheer up a down-in-the dumps Willow by giving him the chance to co-present the show. But does it actually have any listeners?
    • 4. Lonley Press Play

      23 Nov '15
      Willow offers to abandon a night out with his old friends early to present the show.
    • 5. Love Love Love

      30 Nov '15
      With Lauren's ex-bandmate Russell back in Shankly, Willow and Ollie try to book the community centre for The Bad Weekends' concert. Meanwhile, Willow's spirits are raised when Jasmine splits up with new boyfriend Scott and comes to him for support.
    • 6. Romance Is Boring

      07 Dec '15
      It's the night of The Bad Weekends' big gig and the venue is a sell-out. Willow makes a decision he finds hard to break to Lauren and Ollie.