Afsos : Season 1

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      Air date: 07 Feb '20 8 episodes
  • List of Episodes (8)

    1. The Solution

    • After repeated suicide attempts, Nakul gives his own contract to a hitman agency. 12 sadhus are mysteriously murdered in the Himalayas which may or may not be connected to Nakul.

    2. The Calm

    • Shloka expresses her feelings for Nakul, giving him new hope as Upadhyay is on her way. And so is a divine intervention.

    3. The Afterlife

    • Fokatiya seems to have finally tracked down the immortal man while journalist Ayesha Mirani probes into Maria’s business. Nakul is obviously not dead. Zero points for guessing that.

    4. The Stranger

    • Fokatiya declares Nakul to be immortal as the origin story of the potion unfolds. The ashram murderer is revealed.

    5. The Immortal

    • Upadhyay has Shloka captive while Jim has Nakul. The immortality potion is lost and the sniper is out.

    6. The Crow Must Die

    • Nakul cracks an outrageous plan to rescue Shloka. A new candidate emerges in Fokatiya’s search for the immortal. Goldfish stirs shit up.

    7. The Shootouts

    • Nakul and Upadhyay face off and someone dies in the exchange. Bir Singh and Fokatiya are at Goldfish’s mercy, and Vitthal is their only hope.

    8. The Problem

    • Shloka dismantles Upadhyay mentally in an attempt to escape. Fokatiya breaks a limb but finds his man. Nakul is back at the railway tracks.