• Air date: 04 Mar '23 16 episodes
      Follows three girls in the prime of their lives. The will show a world where individually they shine but they also show support for one another.
  • List of Episodes (16)
    • 1. Secret & Lies

      04 Mar '23
      When Bernadette invites her best friends, Angela and Keisha, to celebrate her achievement, an adventure ensues that takes their friendship to new heights.
    • 2. Petty Party

      04 Mar '23
      Bernadette manages a difficult tenant; Keisha reveals her artistic side, much to Angela's dismay; Jacob encounters a setback in his attempt to woo Olivia.
    • 3. The Dropout

      11 Mar '23
      Olivia inadvertently tells Angela about Jacob dropping out of school, triggering an anxiety-driven farce, including Bernadette and Jacob; Keisha participates in a Gen-Z art show
    • 4. Blown Identity

      18 Mar '23
      An image-conscious Angela enlists Keisha's helps when she is invited to speak at a women's conference; Bernadette's plans for a restful, work-free weekend are tested when she learns her real estate idol is hosting the event.
    • 5. The Cupid Shuffle

      25 Mar '23
      Angela, Bernadette and Keisha get set up by a celebrity matchmaker; Jacob commits to telling Olivia his true feelings.
    • 6. Weekend at Bernie's

      01 Apr '23
      Bernadette's childhood friends come to town, stirring up feelings of jealousy with Angela and Keisha; Olivia launches her new online platform.
    • 7. Body of Work

      08 Apr '23
      Angela goes on the offense after a TV News anchor exposes Olivia; Bernadette and Keisha attend a rigorous fitness bootcamp.
    • 8. Hot Dog Stands & Party Plans

      03 Jun '23
      In the process of closing a huge development deal, Bernie hits a roadblock when Olivia literally tends in her way; Angela and Keisha throw insults while attempting to throw a party for Bernie.
    • 9. Fire and Desire

      03 Jun '23
      Angela explores a deeper connection with an old friend as Bernadette questions if she’s equipped to handle her love interest’s extra baggage; meanwhile, Keisha’s hot and cold with a new suitor.
    • 10. Bahama Drama

      10 Jun '23
      Angela and Keisha’s differences come to a head as a storm threatens their tranquil Bahamian vacation; back at the penthouse, Olivia’s alone time with Jacob is interrupted by an invited guest.
    • 11. Snip Snip

      17 Jun '23
      The ladies take creative measures when objecting to Jacob and Olivia’s reproductive choices.
    • 12. Situationship

      24 Jun '23
      Bernadette prepares to host Jacob’s dad for a visit; Angela sets out to buy a new car, enlisting Keisha for help; Jacob evaluates his relationship with Tia.
    • 13. Record Scratch

      08 Jul '23
      A young, new tenant throwing parties every night disturbs the ladies; Jacob and Olivia can't take the heat when they go head-tp-head in a hot wings challenge.
    • 14. Cards on the Table

      15 Jul '23
      Tired of losing to Jacob and Olivia, Bernadette implements a devious plan to reclaim the trophy of her annual spades tournament.
    • 15. Yo' Mama

      22 Jul '23
      After Bernadette invades Jacob' privacy, he decides to give her a taste of her own medicine Angela's weekend is interrupted when her disapproving mother-in-law unexpectedly comes to town.
    • 16. Baby Making & Clown Chasing

      29 Jul '23
      Bernadette imagines a word where Angela and Keisha never moved into the penthouse.