• Air date: 07 May '23 10 episodes
      In this new original series, Court TV’s Vinnie Politan travels across the country to speak with accomplices — the convicted, condemned and exonerated — who share a unique look into cases and verdicts that might not be as clear-cut as initially thought. The series is told using Court TV’s unrivaled coverage of trials spanning nearly two decades. Each episode features unique stories and a cast of characters who face life in prison for crimes they may or may not have committed.
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    • 1. FL v. Kananen

      07 May '23
      Richard Kananen Sr. abused his wife and three children so badly that no one bothered to report him missing when he disappeared; when his wife Marilyn vanished fifteen years later, it became clear that the evil in their father had been passed down.
    • 2. FL v. Gutierrez

      14 May '23
      Paula Gutierrez fell in love as a teen with Nestor 'Chino' de Jesus; his manipulative and abusive behavior turned their romance into a nightmare that ended with Paula facing life in prison for a murder that she didn't commit.
    • 3. MS v. Edmonds

      21 May '23
      Tyler Edmonds was just thirteen when he confessed to helping his half-sister Kristi Fulgham kill her husband, Joey; did he really commit murder, or was he just one more in a long line of men that Kristi had manipulated to do her bidding?
    • 4. SC v. Robertson

      28 May '23
      Investigators compared the gruesome scene of Earl and Terry Robertson's death to that of the Charles Manson murders; how the quiet and mild-mannered Meredith Moon became an accomplice to one of South Carolina's most horrific crimes.
    • 5. SC v. Poole

      11 Jun '23
      After her husband Brent was murdered, Renée Poole's multiple affairs and secret life as a stripper make her the main suspect in his death.
    • 6. OH v. Jenkins

      18 Jun '23
      Tonica Jenkins has a talent for manipulating people to get what she wanted.
    • 7. FL v. Leppert

      25 Jun '23
      Toby Lowry and his 15-year-old girlfriend Morgan Leppert murder an elderly disabled man.
    • 8. Episode 8

      02 Jul '23
    • 9. Episode 9

      09 Jul '23
    • 10. Episode 10

      16 Jul '23