Aafat : Season 1

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      Air date: 19 Feb '19 6 episodes
  • List of Episodes (6)

    1. Defected

    • Watch the entire Season 1 Of #Aafat on MX Player for free.Genre: Drama/ Comedy

    2. Log Kya Kahenge

    • Faiza’s viral poem gets her into trouble with her father. While Anu gets serious with her boyfriend, Titli realizes her best friend has feelings for her. Meanwhile, Ayesha gets a lesson in evolution.

    3. Sani-Tea

    • Aditi wants to lose weight quickly for Ricky . Titli’s family pressurize her about her marriage, while Ayesha’s brother-in-law questions her non-waxing ways. Faiza meets an aspiring poet.

    4. Science of Signs

    • Anu wants her boyfriend to make a move. Aditi is torn between her new job & Ricky. Faiza has a massive fight with her colleagues. Ayesha gets schooled about how beauty is pre-conditioned.

    5. Express Samjhauta

    • Anu shops with a colleague who likes her. Titli’s friend confesses to her parents that he likes her. Ayesha wears a bikini to a pool party. Faiza begs her father to let her do poetry. Aditi quits her job.

    6. The Interview

    • The Malhotras meet the families of all the five girls during the course of a week and Ricky finally chooses the future Mrs. Ricky Malhotra.