• Air date: 20 Nov '20 7 episodes
      He is a loser, with his unhappy wife, house mortgaged and lady luck forever grumpy, until he lands up at the right place, at the right time to hit gold. The wait is over, as streaming 20th Nov onwards on SonyLIV, is A Simple Murder.
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    • Manish, a failed entrepreneur, has a disappointed wife cheating on him with her boss, a bank loan to pay, and rats to fend off. In a case of mistaken identity, he gets a contract to kill a young girl, along with 5 lakh rupees in advance. Later, Manish decides to confront his wife, but even before a confident Manish can put his wife on trial, she accuses him of cheating on her, spotting the photograph of a young girl, Manish's target. Meanwhile, somewhere a contract killer executes his last job.
    • When Manish goes for the kill, he ends up killing the wife of a retiring contract killer instead. He also robs off the contract killer of his five crore retirement savings. On getting to know what has transpired, Manish's wife orders him to throw away the murder weapon. On his way, Manish meets the contract killer who was actually going to do the job that Manish did. He demands Manish return his money and the murder weapon. Manish agrees and takes him home to find his wife and money missing.
    • 3. Open And Shut Case

      27 Nov '20
      Manish and Himmat look for Richa. A nitwit cop and his sub-inspector investigate Madhu's murder. Rahul creates an alibi and takes fake proof to the cops. Pandit realizes that Manish has killed the wrong woman. Santosh follows Rahul to the hotel where Richa is having the time of her life. Rahul seduces Richa and runs away with the money.
    • 4. Tu Kya Hai??

      20 Nov '20
      The couple on the run releases a video online, declaring that they are running away from the politician, Pran Dawas, who is after their lives. The politician asks Pandit to ensure his daughter’s safety, fearing media backlash. Richa calls Manish requesting him to come, save her. Although Manish finds out about Richa’s cheating, he melts when she sheds some tears and beats Himmat to escape with her. Santosh finds Himmat in the hotel room. Pandit, who finds Usmaan and Priya, gets killed by
    • 5. Sanka Ki Shakal

      20 Nov '20
      Amit and SI come to know from the waiter that Rahul presented fake proof. Santosh gets into an accident. Himmat tracks down Manish and beats him black and blue. Manish and Santosh meet at the hospital. Himmat saves Manish from Santosh. Meanwhile, Richa reaches an escort house following Rahul. Manish and Himmat decide to break into Pandit's office to find proof that Santosh works for the Pandit and Pandit for Pran Dawas.
    • 6. Bacche Kahan Hai??

      20 Nov '20
      Manish escapes Santosh after witnessing Himmat being killed point blank. Richa kills Rahul once she knows the where the money is. Amit realises that Pran Dawas had given the contract to kill his own daughter. Santosh makes a deal with Pran Dawas, to hand over Priya and Usman in exchange of five crores. Meanwhile, Richa too strikes a deal with the politician. Richa's plan to kidnap the kids is foiled. Santosh finds Richa in the place of the kids and kidnaps them. Manish reveals the truth to Amit.
    • 7. Cappuccino Ki Kasam

      20 Nov '20
      Just when Manish is convinced that his dark days are behind him, Santosh kidnaps the kids from the bus. Pran Dawas asks him to handover the kids to SI at the Mayapuri junkyard. SI, Manish, Richa and Santosh face off.