• Season 2 streaming now!
      Air date: 19 Nov '21 10 episodes
      What call will Judge Bishan take when the dilemma is between duty and family?
      Your Honor season 2 has 10 episodes. It is a crime, thriller web-series starring Jimmy Shergill, Mita Vasisht, Varun Badola and Parul Gulati. It is created by E. Niwas. Season 2 for Your Honor aired on 19 Nov '21 and available to watch online on streaming platform SonyLiv.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • S2, Ep1 19 Nov. 2021That Open Wound. Rate Post Satnam Mudki's death the Mudkis are enraged. Bishan is cornered by a new crime gang of Ludhiana and is forced to pay a price to keep Abeer safe in jail. Indu gets abducted by Pandit's brother, Jagda.
    • 2. The New Knight.

      19 Nov '21
      Jagda assures his sister-in-law, Latika, of his brother's revenge. Post Abeer being attacked in jail, Bishan is torn between a choice to save Abeer or Indu. Indu faces the consequences of Bishan's judgement.
    • 3. The Black Sheep.

      19 Nov '21
      The city erupts in riots due to Bishan's judgement. Kiran is summoned by the DCP to join the force back. Bishan forewarns Yashpreet about the raid. An enraged Jagda decides to teach Bishan a lesson.
    • 4. Cat And Mouse.

      19 Nov '21
      Harman gains a favour from Bishan. Bishan suspects that Jagda wanted him killed and gets him arrested. Bishan pulls a master stroke and puts an end to Kiran tailing him like a hawk.
    • 5. Down The Rabbit Hole.

      19 Nov '21
      DCP asks Kiran to back off from Bishan. Abeer lands up peddling drugs in jail with the help of Mahi and a liking brews. The Mudkis hatch a plan to get to Abeer as they are unable to get a hold on Bishan.
    • 6. A Deal With The Devil.

      19 Nov '21
      Harman manipulates Abeer to go against his father. A restless Bishan tries to reach out to Abeer. Indu discovers a devious side of Jagda.
    • 7. The Calm Before The Storm.

      19 Nov '21
      Jagda goes into hiding post Latika's death. Gurjot assures Bishan that he will get his son back from Harman. Abeer finally reaches out to Bishan but it backfires.
    • 8. The Whistle Blowers.

      19 Nov '21
      Yahspreet joins hands with Kiran. Khaini double crosses Jagda. Harman makes Abeer confess. Bishan decides on a plan to get rid off the crime gangs in Ludhiana.
    • 9. The Grand Plan.

      19 Nov '21
      Bishan and Indu entice Yashpreet by showing her the drug. Gurjot plays the waiting game with Bishan. Kiran gets Yashpreet to speak to Bishan to crack him. An unfortunate incident with Mahi leaves Abeer shocked.
    • 10. Checkmate.

      19 Nov '21
      Bishan conducts a sting operation by colluding with the police to catch the crime gangs of Ludhiana red handed. In return he is guaranteed a clean chit for Abeer from the cops, but all doesn't go as per plan.