• Air date: 05 Nov '20 5 episodes
      The early life of child genius Sheldon Cooper, later seen in The Big Bang Theory.
  • List of Episodes (5)
    • 1. Graduation

      05 Nov '20
      After graduating high school, Sheldon has a breakdown when he realizes he may not be ready for college. Dale tries to make amends with Meemaw.
    • 2. A Docent, A Little Lady and a Bouncer Named Dalton

      12 Nov '20
      Sheldon gets a summer job at the local train museum. Also, George and Missy bond when Missy embarks on a new stage of womanhood, and Georgie discovers Mary's guilty pleasure.
    • 3. Training Wheels and an Unleashed Chicken

      19 Nov '20
      With college in sight, Sheldon is determined to ride his bike without training wheels. Also, Mary and George Sr. argue overparenting styles.
    • 4. Bible Camp and a Chariot of Love

      03 Dec '20
    • 5. A Musty Crypt and a Stick to Pee On

      17 Dec '20