• Air date: 03 Jan '21 8 episodes
      Worst Cooks in America is a reality competition show on the Food Network. The show takes 12 to 16 contestants with poor cooking skills through an eight-week culinary boot camp, to earn a cash prize of $25,000. The recruits are trained on the various basic cooking techniques including: baking, knife skills, temperature, seasoning and preparation. The final challenge is to cook a restaurant quality three-course meal for three food critics.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Home Cooking and Horse Racing

      03 Jan '21
    • 2. Farm-to-Table and Date Night

      10 Jan '21
    • 3. Sauce Boss

      17 Jan '21
      Boot camp gets a retro, '80s makeover, and the recruits use their palates and culinary senses to learn about different sauces in a zany "Balls to the Wall" game. Then chefs Anne Burrell and Carla Hall teach their recruits how to make meatballs and sauce from scratch. In the main challenge, the recruits are tasked with making the ultimate saucy dish, enchiladas. Unfortunately, the fiesta is over for the two recruits with the least successful dishes.
    • 4. Between Two Buns

      24 Jan '21
      The recruits start the week learning about flavor pairings in a wacky sandwich tasting game. For the skill drill, chefs Anne Burrell and Carla Hall have their teams put their own spin on fried chicken sandwiches. In the main challenge, the recruits rock and roll while creating unique roulades, but it may be the last week of boot camp for the least successful recruits.
    • 5. Hook, Line and Sink 'Em

      31 Jan '21
      Chefs Anne Burrell and Carla Hall congratulate the recruits for mastering the land, but now it's time to conquer the sea. First, the teams go head-to-head in a seafood identification game with trivia questions and traveling by boat to grab ingredients. The skill drill challenge has them whipping up steaming bowls of mussels, and in the main challenge, the chefs task their recruits with making seafood risotto. The least successful recruits who are still lost at sea are sent home.
    • 6. Bonkers for Baked Goods

      14 Feb '21
      It's time for the recruits to learn about the wonderful world of desserts. They get a crash course in cake decorating from pastry chef Zac Young, and then their cake decorating skills are put to the test. For the skill drill, chefs Anne Burrell and Carla Hall teach the recruits how to make anything-but-ordinary cupcakes. Then the recruits return to the savory side when they have to make fresh pasta from scratch. The least successful dishes earn their recruits a trip home.
    • 7. This Ain't No Yolk

      21 Feb '21
      The recruits tackle the most important meal of the day, breakfast! They start by playing a fast-paced game to see how their skills stack up. Then chefs Anne Burrell and Carla Hall teach their teams how to cook an elaborate breakfast spread. In the main challenge, the recruits hope to earn a spot in the finale as they execute dishes requested by their loved ones and serve them family-style for all the remaining recruits and both chefs to taste.
    • 8. Fight for Finale

      28 Feb '21
      To start off the final week in boot camp, the remaining recruits compete in a relay race that tests their speed, knowledge and skill in the kitchen. Then chefs Anne Burrell and Carla Hall teach their final two recruits how to make a three-course, restaurant-quality meal. For the last challenge, the two finalists put all their newly learned culinary skills to the test in order to impress a panel of culinary experts. Judges Adrienne Cheatham, JJ Johnson and George Mendes sample the recruits'