• Air date: 21 Jun '20 8 episodes
      Worst Cooks in America is a reality competition show on the Food Network. The show takes 12 to 16 contestants with poor cooking skills through an eight-week culinary boot camp, to earn a cash prize of $25,000. The recruits are trained on the various basic cooking techniques including: baking, knife skills, temperature, seasoning and preparation. The final challenge is to cook a restaurant quality three-course meal for three food critics.
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    • 1. Doomed Dinners

      21 Jun '20
      Chef Anne Burrell and new mentor Alex Guarnaschelli welcome 14 of the worst cooks in America into boot camp with frightened but open arms. In order to pick teams and see what they're working with, Chef Anne and Chef Alex task the recruits with a baseline challenge to make their favorite childhood dish. Then, for the main dish challenge, the recruits learn how to spice up their cooking by making Jamaican jerk chicken. The two recruits who cluck it up will be sent home.
    • 2. Culinary Games

      28 Jun '20
      The recruits participate in the first annual Boot Camp Culinary Games and compete in culinary-related events, from whipping cream to stomping tomatoes. Then, Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Alex Guarnaschelli teach them how to roll sushi for their skill-drill challenge and make traditional Japanese bento boxes for the main dish challenge. The bottom recruit on each team will say "sayonara" to boot camp.
    • 3. When in Boot Camp

      05 Jul '20
      The recruits take a trip to Italy by playing a game of blindly identifying Italian ingredients using touch, taste and smell. Then, Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Alex Guarnaschelli test the recruits on making Italian antipasto in the skill drill challenge. In the main dish challenge, the recruits must replicate a classic Italian American dish in order to stay in boot camp for another week.
    • 4. Boardwalk Bites

      12 Jul '20
      The recruits kick off the day with a doughnut eating game to learn about flavors -- Glaze of Glory! Then, they put their newfound knowledge to the test by making their own uniquely flavored doughnuts for the skill drill. For the main dish challenge, Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Alex Guarnaschelli teach the recruits how to make sausages from scratch, and the recruits must grind, case and flavor their own sausage sandwiches. The two bottom recruits who don't "meat" the chefs' expectations will be
    • 5. The Cost of Cooking

      19 Jul '20
      Chef Anne Burell and Chef Alex Guarnaschelli are in full game-show mode as the recruits play a game to see if they can determine a higher quality ingredient from a lower quality ingredient solely by taste. Then, things take a turn in the skill drill challenge when the red team goes head-to-head with the blue team. For the main dish challenge, the recruits tackle breaking down a full fish to make a "sofishticated" dinner. The least successful recruit on each team will be sent home.
    • 6. Eat Your Heart Out

      26 Jul '20
      The final four recruits walk into boot camp to find photos of their past kitchen disasters and play a quick game that takes them on a trip down memory lane. Then, Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Alex Guarnaschelli show the recruits how to make classic comfort food dishes before the recruits cook for their toughest critics and the people who sent them to boot camp -- their loved ones! With hearts and bellies full, only two recruits move on to the finale, while the bottom recruits will be sent home.
    • 7. Fight for Food Fame

      02 Aug '20
      In the last skill drill, the final two recruits are challenged by a couple of cooks who aren't kidding around -- Chopped Junior Champions! Then, Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Alex Guarnaschelli teach the recruits their finale menus. For the final main dish challenge, the recruits put their newly learned skills to the test by cooking a three-course restaurant quality meal for a panel of culinary experts. Judges Mary Giuliani, James Tahhan and Julian Rodarte blindly taste each course and determine
    • 8. A Spooky Second Chance

      19 Oct '20
      Chefs Anne Burrell and Carla Hall welcome back four former Worst Cooks recruits and give them the chance to claim culinary redemption by making a Halloween spread. The chefs assign ingredients for the recruits' dishes and instruct them in making a party buffet. Then a group of Halloween fanatics join judges Jordan Andino, Danny Bowien and Gabriela Rodiles to choose the winner, who will receive kitchen upgrades worth $5,000.