• Air date: 30 May '24 8 episodes
      Opinionated Berlin service technician Viktor has to come to terms with his son Mika. Together, they deliver electrical appliances and get into ludicrous discussions with customers about the big and small questions of life.
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    • Viktor and Mika encounter massive chaos on their very first delivery together: not only do a high-maintenance neuroscientist, a monstrously large TV set, and a rickety wall lead to various mishaps – the first conflicts between father and son also begin to emerge. Will these two very different characters really be able to work together?
    • 2. Loud and Proud

      30 May '24
      Viktor and Mika try to get a sound system up and running, but it remains stubbornly silent – unlike the customer, an eccentric retired colonel with a hearing aid who would prefer to do their job himself. A heated exchange about masculinity and generational conflicts ensues, and a lie is exposed: did Viktor tell Mika’s mum that he has testicular cancer?
    • 3. Just True Love

      30 May '24
      Viktor and Mika are sucked into a marital spat between Nora and Paul, a couple who seem hopelessly overwhelmed by a combination of working from home and raising their young twins. This makes it all the more critical that the expensive espresso machine delivers the longed-for coffee! Yet somehow, between tarot cards and bizarre insults, father and son again get to know each other a little better.
    • 4. Love or Money

      30 May '24
      Viktor and Mika unexpectedly get mixed up in a bizarre robbery and an emotional rollercoaster ride while delivering a deep-fat fryer to a Berlin pub. While they are confronted with this threatening situation and a young female perpetrator, fundamental generational conflicts are revealed: Can fathers generally be blamed for absolutely everything?
    • 5. Smart, Smart Home

      30 May '24
      Viktor and Mika are mired in AI chaos when they install a new controller. Between dealing with a talking fridge and an overzealous Smart Home system, Felix, a professional ‘wait-person,’ informs them that most jobs will soon no longer exist anyway! And so a heated discussion erupts about the value of human labor in this age of AI: will service technicians soon be superfluous?
    • 6. So Beautifully Beautiful

      30 May '24
      Viktor is quite excited: he is to meet Mika’s girlfriend, Ruby, for the first time! An artist, she’s quite the fiery character – and reminds Viktor of his ex-wife, which really irritates Mika: His mother is nothing like her! Between discussions about pathogenic beauty ideals and weird photo shoots, things actually get dangerous for a moment: Did Viktor forget to check the power cables?
    • 7. God and Money

      30 May '24
      Viktor and Mika deliver a robotic lawnmower to an offbeat pastor who firmly believes that faith is a big help in these turbulent times. The topic of forgiveness also comes up sooner than Viktor would like: Mika finds out that Viktor lied about his testicular cancer story and is devastated. Will this break the newly formed bond between father and son?
    • 8. Happy Ending... or Not?

      30 May '24
      Viktor confesses that he lied about his health in order to be closer to Mika. Luckily Mika forgives him – in any case, they have to mount a projector on the ceiling of a remarkable tantra temple! When Mika gets a tempting job offer here, another question arises: Should Mika perhaps go all-in and properly join Viktor’s business?