• Air date: 13 Jul '21 5 episodes
      Take a deep dive into the true-crime stories rocking headlines and social media feeds. These victims were young, the crimes against them were shocking and haunting questions remain.
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    • 1. Religious Killing or Jealous Rage?

      13 Jul '21
      Dometi Pongo digs deep into the horrific double homicide of Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson, a young African-American couple who faced homophobia in their Texas hometown.
    • 2. Cliffside Accident or Campsite Killing?

      14 Jul '21
      Lauren and a group of friends had been camping on a cliff during a raucous festival weekend when she went missing. She was, later, found dead by two fisherman in a nearby cove.
    • 3. Drive By or Deadly Target?

      15 Jul '21
      The fatal shooting of high school athlete Jaydon Chavez-Silver at a house party in Albuquerque, NM reveals a disturbing trend of violence in the community. Was this a targeted killing or a random act of violence?
    • 4. Runaway Twin or Twin In Trouble?

      20 Jul '21
      16-year identical twin, Jholie Moussa, walked out the front door of her house, told her sister she would be right back and then vanished. Could her last ominous social media post be a clue to her disappearance?
    • 5. Cold Case Or Case Of Corruption?

      27 Jul '21
      The murder case of single mother, Heather Bogle, goes cold after law enforcement focuses on a suspect with no tangible connections to the crime.